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Create a Cannabis Bucket List

By Danyal Swan August 16, 2022
Cannabis Bucket List

Enjoying cannabis is an adored pastime of any true recreational cannabis lover. Perhaps you have a wish list or cannabis bucket list filled to the brim with activities you haven’t yet pursued. Maybe you love the effects of cannabis and never thought about the various things you could enjoy. Either way, our list of cannabis activities can be added to your existing bucket list or used to help you jumpstart your own cannabis bucket list.

Enjoying Cannabis Vapes

Cannabis Safety: Important Things To Consider

We’re all for embarking on a grand adventure, but if your cannabis bucket list includes anything that might require leaving your home, please make sure you travel via ride-share service, public transport, or have someone you trust to escort you. Getting behind the wheel while under the influence of cannabis can be dangerous for you or anyone else you encounter. You also run the risk of getting in trouble with the law and receiving DUI charges if you get pulled over for driving.

Additionally, even if you are an experienced cannabis user, make sure you are careful to use cannabis products in a safe dosage to avoid overconsumption. Please use caution so that you can enjoy all the activities on your list safely.

What Do You Do When Enjoying Cannabis?

Wondering what to do while enjoying cannabis? It’s totally up to you, and you’re definitely free to spend your time however you like (with a few legal exceptions), even if it’s just sitting on your couch. You have the power to decide what activities you want to engage in, even if that means doing nothing at all. Stay inside, go outside, enjoy your cannabis alone or with friends — the choice is yours.

1. Try Every Cannabis Product Category

You may want to try something new for a change, like a vape, or a bong. Or, maybe you are curious about enjoying another type of cannabis product but have never given it a try. Well, add this to your bucket list! There are a ton of products to enjoy if you want a great experience. Place these products on your bucket list so you can partake in the wide variety that’s available. In case you need a crash course, here are some non-inhalable options for different cannabis products you can try.

Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Edibles

Edibles stand as a tried-and-true — not to mention, tasty — way of enjoying cannabis. Cannabis-infused food or drink products can give you a longer, more intense experience than other cannabis products. Another great aspect of trying edibles is that they can be prepared at home, so if you are looking for something new to do at home, cooking with cannabis can be added to your bucket list.

If you are not interested in making your edibles, pre-made options are available too. Some of the most popular pre-packaged cannabis-infused products are hard candies, soft chew gummies, chocolates, and baked goods such as cookies, brownies, muffins, cupcakes, and more. You can also get hot or cold beverages infused with cannabis called “drinkables.”

It’s important to note for those who have not used them previously, edibles do have a longer onset time – anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. Check out our Edible Dosing Guide for a positive first time experience.

Oral Cannabis Products

There are cannabis-infused products you can take orally that extend way beyond food-based edibles – think oils, tinctures, capsules, and oral sprays.

Cannabis-infused tinctures, oils, and sprays are all great options for oral consumption because you can use them simply by placing them under your tongue, immediately swallowing them, or adding them to foods and drinks for a tastier experience.

Cannabis-infused capsules just need to be swallowed for you to enjoy.

Oral Cannabis Products

Topical Cannabis Products

Topical Cannabis Products

Topical cannabis products can be infused with THC, CBD, or both.

You can try cannabis-infused lotions, creams, gels, patches, and body oils that work to provide soothing pain relief thanks to the phytochemicals that are contained inside the cannabis plant.

Because cannabinoids are fat-soluble, topically applying cannabis will not produce the “high” most associated with the plant. Instead, cannabis topicals provide localized pain relief.

2. Try Your Favorite Strain in Every Form it Comes in

Do you have a favorite strain of cannabis? You should try consuming your favorite strain in a different form than usual—maybe swap your usual vape for some bud, or try it in tincture form. You may find that your favorite is more enjoyable via this new method and more ideal for your personal use. A little exploration can go a long way in helping you step up your consumption savvy. If you try a new method and are not thrilled, you can still add your experience to your bucket list, which is a win-win.

3. Whip Up Your Own Homemade Cannabutter or Edible

If you’ve ever wondered if you could cook with cannabis, you may be pleased to know that you can use cannabis-infused cooking oils to fry or sear foods and prepare meals. You can whip up your very own cannabutter at home to use in place of traditional butter for meals or baked goods, or simply as a spread on toast or a bagel. Step-by-step instructions for making your cannabis-infused cooking oil or cannabutter can be found in our cooking with cannabis information guide for beginners.

4. Buy Some Hemp Clothing

If you are searching for other ways to advocate for the awesome power of cannabis, purchasing hemp clothing is a great way to do so. Hemp is a fantastic fabric — it’s stronger, more durable, more absorbent, and better insulating than cotton, making it excellent for clothing.

Some of the great benefits that come from adding hemp items to your wardrobe include:

  • Hemp naturally filters UV light, protecting your skin.
  • Hemp is antibacterial and breathes excellently to prevent odors.
  • Hemp as a fabric has four times the strength of cotton.
  • Hemp fabric doesn’t weaken from machine washes.
  • Hemp has better color retention than any other fabric.
  • Hemp saves water, using only 1/20th the amount of water as cotton during processing.
  • Hemp can be grown using only rainwater.
  • Hemp can save jobs. Harvested and processed by hand, hemp keeps people employed.
  • Hemp can be grown for over twenty years consecutively without the soil being drained of nutrients, unlike cotton.
  • Hemp is incredibly soft on the skin, and the feeling improves with each wear.

Hemp clothing may seem unconventional, but the benefits are undeniable. You can wear hemp in a ton of fashionable styles and colors for dresses, skirts, pants, jackets, T-shirts, and hoodies.

5. Donate To A Cannabis Expungement Organization

Donating to cannabis expungement or clemency efforts is another way to advocate for change surrounding legal marijuana use. Organizations like Mission Green are working to help people with marijuana-related charges have their convictions expunged, and you can be a part of the process of changing lives through these efforts. Expungement can give individuals who have been hindered from securing certain types of employment, housing, licensing, or other resources to have a second chance.

Cannabis is not a crime banner

6. Visit Zen Leaf In Every Open State

Zen Leaf would be proud to become a part of your bucket list adventure. Visiting one of our recreational or medical dispensary locations can be, dare we say, a zen-like experience.

Our current recreational dispensaries to experience can be found in Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada (Vegas, baby!), and New Jersey. Each state has multiple recreational locations, so you can make a road trip out of the visit – we’d love to see you at each!

While you can’t purchase in medical cannabis markets unless you are a state cannabis card holder (learn more about cannabis state rules), you can still visit the location and pop in and say hi to our wonderful Cannabis Advisors. You can find Zen Leaf Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Arkansas, Connecticut, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia – brownie points if you head to our 100th store in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, to start!

Zen Leaf currently has dispensary locations in 11 states. As we expand our locations across the country, we aim to give our patients the most accurate information available to stay current with the ever-changing marijuana laws. For up-to-date information on legal marijuana use in your state, visit us.

7. Quality Time With Canna-Friends

Quality Time With Canna-Friends

I think we can all agree that spending time with friends is food for the soul. If you’ve never thought about spending time with friends while enjoying cannabis, you may want to put it on your list. Invite your chill friends over to watch some of your favorite films for a new, entertaining viewing experience. Or, for your more adventurous friends, plug in the microphone and sing some karaoke or expand your creativity with some board games.

A conversation with friends where you just sit back and relish each other’s company can be a pleasant way to spend a few hours. If you have never spent quality time with friends in such a way with the support of cannabis, then this experience can add a new layer of bonding to your friendships.

8. Combine Self-Care and Cannabis

There are even more things you can add to your bucket list that you may not have considered. You can incorporate your appreciation for cannabis products into your daily practices to enhance the experience and gain a new perspective on caring for your well-being. We are big on self-care and have great ideas for how you can use cannabis-based products for natural self-care.

Try using cannabis or a cannabis-infused product while:

  • Meditating
  • Exercising or recovering from a workout
  • Unwinding before going to bed
  • In topical form (for pain relief)
  • To simply relax

Self-care with cannabis doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. Tailor your use of cannabis products to your specific self-care needs and create a rejuvenating process that is one of a kind.

Zen Leaf Store

Fuel Your Cannabis Bucket List at Zen Leaf

Whether it’s visiting Zen Leaf in all 12 states, trying your favorite strain in every category, or making a conscious effort to buy more hemp clothing, having a cannabis bucket list can help break up the monotony of your usual consumption. Be sure to explore responsibly, and tag us in your cannabis bucket list adventures!


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Digital Content Manager for MÜV Florida and Zen Leaf Dispensaries. A cannabis connoisseur with a passion for explaining the miraculous possibility of the plant, Swan began her journey with cannabis as a recreational user and quickly realized its positive impact on her depression and severe anxiety. She joined the cannabis industry as Receptionist and MedTender and witnessed first-hand the immense potential of the plant for a wide variety of ailments, deepening her passion for alternative medicine. Swan is dedicated to self-education on the plant and sharing its potential with all. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

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