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Encore Cannabis edibles
Bits Adaptogen- and Cannabis-Infused Edibles

The Latest Cannabis Education, Stories and News.

Educational and informative content, patient to patient stories, cannabis recipes, culture, events, and more.

Pennsylvania and West Virginia, are you ready to elevate your experience? Shop cannabis online or download the Zen Leaf+ cannabis app!

Savvy Guap is the high-dose, low-price edible that doesn’t break the bank. Bite into these moneybags in IL and bills in AZ and NV.

The tired, old “stoner” Halloween costume means tie-dye shirts and bad wigs. As cannabis goes mainstream, celebrity advocates can make for fresh costume ideas.

If you’re like most cannabis enthusiasts, you want to know every detail about the plant. From what effects different strains can have on your body to which ones are best for certain activities, it’s all part of the journey of discovering cannabis. One term you may have heard thrown around is trichomes. But what exactly […]

Zen Leaf is supporting the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation. Head to your dispensary for a Save to Give Punch Card to help reach our goal.

Vital cannabis gummies are not just tasty and effective – they’re award-winning. Learn more about the favored Arizona cannabis edible brand.