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Find your zen at Zen Leaf Meriden, Newington, Norwich, and Waterbury, and discover local state resources for recreational users and medical patients in the state.

Zen Leaf Dispensaries in Connecticut

Get Your Connecticut Medical Cannabis Card

Wondering how to get your medical cannabis card in Connecticut, but unsure of qualifying conditions, purchase limits, and fees? We are here to help.

Follow the link to request assistance applying for your card, renew, and more.

Connecticut Marijuana FAQs

If you are interested in shopping recreational marijuana, becoming a medical marijuana patient in CT, or if you have your card, you likely have questions about the laws and compliance while purchasing and consuming marijuana products. In these resources, we have compiled the most commonly asked questions we receive about cannabis in CT and their answers.

Resources for Medical Marijuana Patients in Connecticut

On June 12, 2012, Connecticut became the 17th state to adopt a medical marijuana program and on July 1, 2021, became the 19th state to legalize adult use cannabis. While the state does not yet allow the sales of recreational cannabis, they are expected to begin late 2022.

While recreational cannabis in Connecticut was legalized, the medical marijuana program will remain intact. Learn how to become a CT medical cannabis patient below.

New Connecticut Medical Marijuana Patients

How Do You Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Connecticut?

Obtaining a medical marijuana card in Connecticut requires becoming part of the state’s medical marijuana program, which involves the following steps:

1. Make an appointment with your physician.

A patient certification states that you have received a formal diagnosis for your qualifying medical condition and that the physician believes medical marijuana would benefit you. Physicians who have an active medical license issued by the state, a controlled substance registration issued by the state, and an “active Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) controlled substance registration” that are registered with the Connecticut Prescription Monitoring Program can certify you for medical cannabis use. Per the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program, you must have an established relationship with the physician in order to be prescribed medical cannabis.

If your physician deems medical cannabis a viable option for you, they will ask for your email address and phone number – this contact information will be used to register you with the Department of Consumer Protection, so be sure it is accurate!

2. Submit the required documentation to the Department of Consumer Protection.

Using the online application service, you must provide a few documents, including: proof of identity (this can be a passport or a state-issued driver’s license, from any state), residency (in the form of a letter such as a bill sent to your name and address, lease or mortgage, or W-2) , as well as pay the $100 state fee.

3. Register your cannabis caregiver, if needed.

If your cannabis physician indicates you need a cannabis caregiver, you must have that caregiver registered. If you do not have the caregiver registered with the state and it is required by your physician, your card will not be approved.

4. Await your approval!

It can take up to thirty days for your approval to arrive, but as soon as you receive your certification via email, you may begin shopping Connecticut medical cannabis!

How Long is a Medical Cannabis Card Valid?

Medical cannabis cards are valid for one year to the date of approval. Be sure to reach out to your qualifying physician before your card expires!

How Do I Renew a Connecticut Medical Cannabis Card?

Renewing your card requires a visit to your physician in order to be re-certified. After your physician approves you, you will need to access the patient portal to submit the required documentation (ID, proof of residency).

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