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Use our featured and house brand guide for in-depth details about the products that line the shelves of Zen Leaf Dispensaries across the country.

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(the) Essence

Time is precious, make it count. (the) Essence cannabis is inspired by this sentiment, showcased in curated strains selected to help you enhance every moment, whether that's relaxing, indulging, socializing, or simply being.

Genetics are the very essence of what makes (the) Essence products exceptional; crafted with the understanding that each strain is unique journey waiting to be explored, and crafted into timeless formats. Elevate your stash with flower eighths, 1g and 5 Pack J's (not available in Ohio, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia), botanical vapes, Xtracts shatter, crumble, and wax, and Nectar.

(the) Essence Cannabis Brand

Nectar is the hallmark of (the) Essence, outside of outstanding genetics and classic formats. Cured flower, BHO extracted for a potent experience of strains. This full spectrum, high terpene cured resin is crafted into Nectar vapes and Nectar gummies (coming soon) for a robust experience, whether inhaled or eaten. It's an unforgettable way to experience (the) Essence of each strain.

Are you ready to light up the present moment?

Shop (the) Essence in Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.


As cannabis becomes more mainstream, many different brands have hit the market; unfortunately, few of these brands have been defined by their budget-friendliness. Savvy is the exception to this standard.  Savvy reflects a new age of cannabis, catering to cannabis aficionados who desire more experiences and stash for less cash. Shaped by culture and creativity, Savvy shoppers are full of passion and unafraid of change. 

Savvy products are defined by three principles: wallet smart, vape smart, and street smart. Savvy is wallet smart in its dedication to value-focused quantities of cannabis, vape smart by providing tasty terpenes and high-quality cannabis oil for every mood, and street smart by expanding public perception of cannabis culture. These principles are in place to help people with any budget gain access to the therapeutic effects of cannabis. 

Savvy products were designed for those with an appreciation for inhaled cannabis, including vapes. With an abundance of cannabis strains and package sizes, including eighths, quarters, and half ounces in small bud form, Savvy creates products that allow for quick grinder or finger breakdown, no matter the size of your stash. 

For those seeking bold packaging, street art, and bulk cannabis, Savvy is the brand for you. 

Shop Savvy in Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.


Low dose, high function. Bits is the go-to option for cannabis edibles that encourage productivity and enjoyment without overdoing it. With five delicious flavors formulated with cannabinoids and adaptogens, these gummies are perfect for adding just a little bit more to all of life’s activities.

Bits brings the best of the natural world together, in a reliable low-dose format. Measuring at 5mg per piece, these microdosing edible options provide a boost of cannabinoids, sans haze. Explore Bits in: Yuzu Zone (THC, CBG, ginseng, reishi), Guava Go (THC, coffee fruit, guarana), Açai Affection (THC, rose, rose hip), Elderberry Wellness (THC, CBD, elderflower, acerola), and Pomegranate R&R (THC, CBN, ashwagandha, and lemon balm). 

If you need a little bit of focus when life’s a little foggy, try Yuzu Zone. With 5mg of CBG and THC, plus a bit of ginseng, a drop of reishi, and a hint of mindfulness, it’s perfect for writer’s block, laundry day, and those all-night cram sessions.

When you need a little nudge to get things going, reach for Guava Go. Each gummy contains 5mg of THC, as well as a pinch of coffee fruit, a drop of guarana, and a hint of joy. Ideal for socializing, gym days, and those way-too-early morning hikes.

Shop Bits in Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, and Ohio.


Cannabis efficacy and extraordinary taste are a perfect match—take it from Encore Edibles. The brand finds comfort in the classics, bringing back the sweet and satisfying treats of yesteryears. Encore Edibles pulls further inspiration from music, as both music and cannabis have the power to bring people together for an awakening experience. We believe that when you're consuming Encore cannabis products, the effects should have you not only hearing and feeling the music but also tasting it. 

With products that are gluten-free, non-GMO, and meet the highest GFSI-certified quality standards, Encore truly features a line of edible goods with both clean ingredients and rich flavors in mind. And ingredients would be nothing without their wielders—Encore Edibles were crafted by a team of recipe developers, chefs, and culinary cannabis experts to cultivate a menu packed full of artisan-level consumables. 

A multitude of handcrafted options, including gummies, mints, caramels, hard candies, and chocolates, allows every cannabis user to find an edible that meets their preference. With a delectable array of doses, flavors, and cannabinoid combinations, Encore Edibles create a cannabis adventure that defies all expectations for users like you. 

Edibles are a popular choice for many reasons, one of the most significant being the first-pass effect. Encore knows that when cannabis is used orally, the body metabolizes THC into a more potent cannabinoid that can induce stronger effects for longer. When you combine this intentional dosing with real, whole foods rich with cannabinoids and terpenes, it’s clear Encore products are a top choice for those looking to satisfy their cannabis cravings with delicious consumables. 

Find your Encore in Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Ohio.


Dedicated to the exploration of “yes” after years of fear-led messaging said “no” to the plant, Zen Leaf’s parent company, Verano, is opening doors in the cannabis industry with handcrafted, namesake cannabis goods of the highest quality. Fourteen state-of-the-art cultivation and production facilities span over a million square feet of space, advancing the development of a nationwide library of signature strains. Each Verano facility was designed to suit the unique climate and seasonality of the region served, ensuring each cannabis plant is local, organic, and exceptionally effective. 

To date, over 160 strains have been cultivated by Verano’s expert growers, ensuring that there is a Verano strain for every person that wants to explore cannabis – including you. These strains are the base of flower products, but every other cannabis infusion as well, including vapes, shatter, wax, and other concentrates.

Verano is a brand that is supremely motivated by cannabis curiosity, and its goal is to share all forms of cannabis with anyone, from newcomers to connoisseurs, as evidenced by the area of options. Ultimately, Verano has been humbled by the power of cannabis and has crafted a wide range of strains and products to share that match every taste, desire, and comfort level. With both medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries across the US and a wide variety of products with different THC and CBD concentrations, Verano is dedicated to meeting your needs.

Shop Verano in Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.



Avexia is a unique brand; the name translates to wellness in Greek, a trait embodied in the essence of Avexia's exceptional products, crafted to foster genuine, plant-based well-being. These award-winning cannabis options focus on self-care, whether through healing rituals, soothing ailments, or creating a luxurious mind-body escape. Avexia’s thoughtfully and sustainably sourced, all-natural ingredients are expertly chosen to support a full-body wellness experience, then combined to create products that meet lofty GFSI quality certification requirements. 

Avexia products blend the powerful effects of THC with the healing effects of CBD in a myriad of unique ratios so clients can find what works best for them. These products are built on research that suggests a complex synchronicity between THC and CBD.

In other words, these two cannabinoids are each thought to enhance or modulate the other’s effects when taken together, resulting in a better experience than you may find when taking CBD or THC individually. To meet all client needs, Avexia products are available in a variety of ratios, ranging from 1:1 to 4:1 THC:CBD. This diversity allows Avexia clients to avoid the question of THC or CBD. 

Avexia products include cannabis lotions, body balms, bath soaks, tinctures, and micro-dosing tablets scored for easy dosing and packaged for convenient use. In fact, all Avexia packaging looks as if it could be found in a high-end spa or specialty health supplement store, furthering the sublime experience the brand values. Avexia prioritizes high-end cannabis products designed to promote overall wellness for recreational or medical cannabis uses and packaged for discreet lifestyles like yours.

On The Rocks

On The Rocks is the cannabis brand that's redefining solventless extraction methods with its time-honored approach and expansive selection of products. The On The Rocks collection is defined by traditional dry sift and ice water extraction techniques that date back thousands of years.

These techniques allow On The Rocks to capture the essence of cannabis flower in its most pure and potent expression, resulting in a true-to-flower, terpene-rich experience that's unlike anything else on the market. And with a focus solely on tradition and innovation, On The Rocks Small Batch Solventless Extracts go beyond live rosin and hash concentrates—Live Rosin Vapes and Gummies are the pinnacle of both categories, delivering full-spectrum benefits and effects like never before.

Each batch of On The Rocks Small Batch Solventless Extracts is strain-specific and showcases golden-brown hues, tempting textures, and unrivaled flavor. And because they're crafted by hand and pressed with pleasure, you can be sure that you're getting the best possible product every time.

On The Rocks is bringing a new age of solventless cannabis to the industry, one that emphasizes the importance of tradition and innovation. With dry sift and ice water extraction methods, they produce the finest batches of solventless extracts available. Whether you're an experienced cannabis user or just starting out, you won't find a more authentic, pure, and potent cannabis experience than what you'll get from On The Rocks Small Batch Solventless Extracts.

Holy Union Cannabis Brand Page

Holy Union

For too long, flower and concentrates have been viewed as separate offerings, catering to different types of cannabis enthusiasts. Holy Union breaks down those barriers and creates a divine infusion of both.

The Holy Union infused pre-rolls are a true miracle, providing a heavenly high with every toke. Each pre-roll is delicately crafted with strain-specific crumble, kief-coating, or hash infusion for a unique and spiritual experience.

The Crumble-Infused Pre-roll is a pilgrimage-worthy smoke, where cannabis flower is infused with strain-specific crumble and rolled to perfection. The Oil-painted, Kief-coated Pre-roll is a work of art, where cannabis flower is painted in cannabis oil and anointed in strain-specific kief. And the Hash-infused Pre-roll is a true blessing, where cannabis flower is infused with ice water extracted hash for a spiritual and delicious experience.

Experience the Holy Union, and take part in this divine union of flower and concentrate. Spark it up and enjoy a heavenly high like no other. Find Holy Union exclusively in Illinois.

Finding The Right Cannabis Brand

Just as each person is unique, so, too, are their cannabis preferences and experiences. Both new and seasoned cannabis users will want to find the brands and products that will provide them with the most pleasant experience, from strain to dose, product type to consumption method. 

When you enter our dispensaries, you can be sure that all the products you’ll find inside are quality-tested cannabis from trustworthy brands, so you’ll feel comfortable and carefree while beginning your cannabis journey. If you’re not sure which of these brands has what you need, our expert Cannabis Advisors can help you choose from the veritable buffet of products options based on factors like your experience level, tolerance, and desired intake method. With options ranging from wellness-based Avexia to flower-focused Verano and the guidance of friendly staff at your local Zen Leaf dispensary, it’s easy to find your Zen.