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Cannabis Education News & Stories

Welcome to the Zen Leaf Blog. Be sure to visit often for new posts and special behind-the-scenes content.

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Discreet Cannabis for the Holidays

Using marijuana to ease the holiday stress doesn’t have to be anxiety-inducing. Explore our favorite ways to discreetly use cannabis.

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Zen Leaf 2023 Ultimate Cannabis Gift Guides

Looking for a cannabis gift to give your friends or family? Let Zen Leaf help – shop online or stop by a dispensary near you today!

Spotlight: Encore Cannabis Caramels

Encore Cannabis Caramels are creamy, delicious, and effective. Learn more about what’s no to love from this fan-favorite edible.

Spotlight: Encore Cannabis Chocolates

Looking for a sweet, dosed treated? Encore Dark and Milk Cannabis Chocolate edibles are the palate-pleasing options and ones you’ll savor.

Brand Spotlight: (the) Essence

Unique genetics intended to enhance the everyday, in an array of timeless formats. Experience (the) Essence cannabis brand.

Cannabis-Infused Side Dish Recipes

Want to add a little oomph to your pre-holiday festivities? Try our favorite cannabis-infused side dish recipes.

How Medical Marijuana May Help Veterans with PTSD

Medical marijuana has shown promising results regarding vets who are experiencing PTSD and chronic pain.

Rosin: What is It, How It’s Made, and How to Consume

Interested in trying rosin? We’ll break down everything you need to know before finding rosin at a Zen Leaf near you!

Brand Spotlight: Savvy

Savvy is affordable cannabis at its best, from flower to vapes with wallet-smart cannabis in sizes with substance.

What is Myrcene: Smell, Taste, Effects, and Strains

Check out the popular terpene myrcene as we break down what it is, benefits, effects, & find myrcene-rich strains at a Zen Leaf today!

Delta 8-THC: What is It, Where Does It Come From, & Side Effects

Delta-8 is generating interest throughout the cannabis community and beyond. What is it? What are the similarities and differences between delta-8, THC, and CBD?

What is Limonene? All About the Cannabis Terpene

Check out the popular terpene limonene as we break down what it is, its benefits, and its effects. Explore limonene-rich strains and more.

Meet On The Rocks Solventless Extracts

On The Rocks combines ancient traditions with modern techniques for a delectable take on solventless marijuana concentrates.