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Cannabis Education News & Stories

Welcome to the Zen Leaf Blog. Be sure to visit often for new posts and special behind-the-scenes content.

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Brand Spotlight: (the) Essence

Unique genetics intended to enhance the everyday, in an array of timeless formats. Experience (the) Essence cannabis brand.

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How Much is an Ounce of Weed & What Can You Do With It?

An ounce is a common weight for cannabis and is great for those looking to purchase more at once. Learn more as we break down this common cannabis weight.

How Much is a Half Ounce of Weed and What Can You Do With It?

Curious how much a half ounce of flower is and what you can do with it? Check out our breakdown as we explore this common cannabis weight.

How Much is a Quarter of Weed and What Can You Do With It?

A quarter of weed is perfect for users looking to extend their stash or share with friends. Learn more as we break down this versatile cannabis weight.

How Much is an 8th of Weed & What Can You Do With It?

Curious what an 8th is and what you can do with it? Learn more here as we break down this staple cannabis weight.

Savvy Guap: Macrodose Gummies

Savvy Guap is the high-dose, low-price edible that doesn’t break the bank. Bite into these moneybags in IL and bills in AZ and NV.

Mother’s Day Cannabis Gift Guide

Last-minute Mother’s Day shopping? Make it a breeze (and green) with our Mother’s Day Cannabis Gift Guide, a curated list of marijuana products.

20 Ways to Upcycle Cannabis Packaging

Ready to add some cannabis flair to your day-to-day? Take a look at our 20 favorite ways to upcycle cannabis packaging.

Self-Care and Cannabis: A Natural Combination with Powerful Results

Cannabis offers a load of benefits aside from those regularly discussed. Did you know many implement cannabis products into their everyday self-care routines?

Join the Club: Cabbage Club Cannabis Membership

Join the club. Cabbage Club cannabis membership is your ticket to exclusive savings, events, and much more.

Spring Cleaning Your Cannabis Accessories

You spring clean your house each year, why not spring clean your cannabis accessories? Learn how to deep clean your cannabis accessories.

High Fashion: Cannabis Apparel at Zen Leaf

Savvy, Zen Leaf, and Verano fuel your stash and now, your wardrobe. Shop cannabis apparel – tees, hats, and totes – at a Zen Leaf Dispensary near you.

Endocannabinoid System (ECS): What is It & How Does It Work?

Dive into the endocannabinoid system and learn how cannabinoids interact with the human endocannabinoid system!