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Zen Leaf is your resource for cannabis industry news, tips, and industry tools. We want to become the go-to source for industry news & information.
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Join the Club: Cabbage Club Cannabis Membership

Join the club. Cabbage Club cannabis membership is your ticket to exclusive savings, events, and much more.

The Changing Landscape of the NFL’s Cannabis Policy

The NFL has drastically changed it’s testing on cannabis in recent years. To kick off the football season, dive into the new regulations.

HHS Says Yes to Rescheduling Cannabis, from Verano

The Department of Health and Human Services officially recommended that cannabis be rescheduled to Schedule III. Read more from Verano.

Connecticut Adult-Use Cannabis: Here’s What You Need To Know 

Connecticut adult-use cannabis will be available on January 10, 2023. Here’s what both recreational users and medical cannabis patients need to know.

Advocate for Cannabis Clemency with Mission Green

Join Verano Zen Leaf dispensaries in advocating for cannabis reform and clemency with The Weldon Project’s Mission Green.

How (and Why) to Recycle Cannabis Plastic Packaging

Plastic poses one of the biggest environmental threats today. Learn how you can cut down on waste by recycling cannabis product packaging.