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Photo of the store front at the Morgantown location

More About Zen Leaf Morgantown

Zen Leaf is a medical cannabis dispensary located in Morgantown, WV.

We are dedicated to serving the local community and providing our customers with a better quality of life through access to medical cannabis. At Zen Leaf, we strive to improve the health of our patients by sharing the science behind medical cannabis and a dedication to providing our patients with top quality products, strains, edible alternatives, and educational materials.

Zen Leaf Morgantown FAQs

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Morgantown was the first Zen Leaf in West Virginia, and now there are three other Zen Leaf Dispensaries in the state! Find your zen at Zen Leaf:

  • Clarksburg
  • Westover
  • Wheeling

The grand opening of Zen Leaf was March 18, 2022 and was a wonderful celebration of the medical cannabis program and the progress made. The Zen Leaf family looks forward to serving the Morgantown community for many years to come.

Zen Leaf Morgantown is located on Venture Drive, across the street from Clear Mountain Bank. Housed in between IHOP and Holiday Inn Express, easy-to-spot Zen Leaf Morgantown is in a brand-new building.

As of April 2017 medical cannabis is legal, but because of lack of funding, the program was not fully operational until legislation passed in 2019 addressing some of these issues. 

Recreational cannabis remains illegal in West Virginia.

At Zen Leaf, one of our main goals is to provide quality cannabis products that we believe can improve the quality of life for our patients. This also emcompasses ensuring patients have access to affordable cannabis. 

All Zen Leaf dispensaries have ongoing discounts for consumers, including veterans, youth patients, individuals with SSDI, higher education students, and seniors (55+). Too, Zen Leaf offers a first-time patient deal for your first-ever visit to Zen Leaf. and daily deals and promotions. To get the full details on discounts, talk to your Cannabis Advisor or use our discount guide!

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