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What is Cured Resin & How Do You Smoke It?

resin on dabber

Cured resin is rapidly gaining popularity amongst cannabis connoisseurs for its rich flavor profiles and high potency. But exactly what is cured resin, and how do you smoke it? This guide lays down the basics, covering everything from its production process to the various methods of consumption.

What is Cured Resin?

Cured resin is a type of cannabis concentrate that's derived from dried and cured cannabis flowers. Unlike live resin, which is made from fresh, frozen plant material, cured resin comes from plant material that has been air-dried and cured. This process leads to a concentrate that retains a high level of terpenes and cannabinoids, offering a potent and flavorful experience.

How is Cured Resin Made?

The production of cured resin involves using solvent-based extraction processes. The dried and cured cannabis flowers are subjected to a solvent, such as ethanol, butane or CO2, to pull out the essential oils, which contain the plant's cannabinoids and terpenes. The solution is then purged of the solvent, leaving behind a concentrated, sticky substance that is the cured resin.

What Does Cured Resin Look Like?

Cured resin typically has a sappy or sometimes crumbly texture, depending on its final processing. Its color can range from a light golden to a darker amber hue. The appearance can vary significantly based on the cannabis strain used and the specific extraction and curing processes.

cured resin sugar

What Does Cured Resin Taste Like?

The taste of cured resin can vary widely depending on the strain from which it was extracted, the curing methods used, and the extraction process. Generally, users might describe the flavor as being more concentrated and intense than the flower itself. It can range from sweet, fruity, and floral to earthy, piney, and spicy. The preservation of terpenes in the extraction process ensures that each hit carries the nuanced flavors and scents of the original strain, providing a truly holistic and enjoyable smoking experience.

What's the Difference Between Cured Resin & Live Resin?

While both cured and live resin are concentrates, the main differences between cured resin and live resin lie in the starting material. Cured resin is made from cannabis that has been dried and cured, while live resin comes from fresh, flash-frozen plant material. This distinction leads to differences in flavor and potency, with many users reporting that live resin offers a fresher taste and higher terpene profile, while cured resin provides a more robust and classic concentrate experience.

How Do You Smoke Cured Resin?

There are a variety of ways recreational users and medical patients can enjoy cured resin. Dive into some of them below to see which fits your lifestyle and preferences.

Dabbing Cured Resin

Dabbing is one of the most popular methods to consume cured resin. It involves using a dab rig, which vaporizes the concentrate at high temperatures, offering a potent and flavorful hit.

Cured Resin Vapes

Cured resin is also available in vape cartridges, providing a convenient and less intense way to enjoy its benefits. These vapes work with most standard batteries and offer a discreet way to consume cannabis.

Adding Cured Resin to Flower

For those looking to enhance their smoking experience, cured resin can be sprinkled on top of cannabis flower in a bowl, joint, or blunt. This method boosts the potency and adds a flavorful kick to the smoking session.

resin on a dabber

Why Smoke Cured Resin?

Smoking cured resin offers a myriad of advantages for both the casual user and the cannabis connoisseur.

  1. Potency: Cured resin is highly concentrated, meaning it contains a higher level of cannabinoids compared to regular flower. This can result in more powerful effects, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a more intense experience or therapeutic relief.
  2. Flavor and Aroma: Thanks to the concentration of terpenes in cured resin, it provides a more robust and complex flavor and aroma profile. For those who appreciate the subtleties of cannabis's diverse strains, cured resin can offer a more satisfying sensory experience.
  3. Efficiency: A little goes a long way with cured resin. Due to its potency, smaller amounts are needed to achieve the desired effect, making it a cost-effective option in the long run.
  4. Versatility: Cured resin can be consumed in multiple ways – dabbed, vaporized, or even added to flower for an extra kick. This versatility allows users to experiment and find their preferred method of consumption.
  5. Convenience: For those who prefer not to deal with the mess and effort of grinding flower and rolling joints, smoking cured resin can be a cleaner and more convenient option. It requires minimal preparation, especially if using a vape pen or dab rig.
  6. Conservation of Strain Properties: The process of creating cured resin aims to preserve the essence of the original cannabis strain, including its cannabinoids and terpenes. This conservation ensures that users are getting a product that's true to the strain's intended effects, taste, and aroma.

Where to Purchase Cured Resin

Looking to give cured resin a try? Zen Leaf dispensaries provide an extensive range of high-quality cured resin products. With knowledgeable advisors on-site, we can help guide you to the perfect product to suit your preferences and consumption methods. Whether you're a seasoned consumer or new to the scene, find a Zen Leaf near you to start exploring the rich and potent world of cured resin concentrates.

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