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Encore Edibles Brand Products

Encore Edibles Brand Products

Encore products are a consistent dose of cannabinoids, great tasting, and adhere to the highest standards, making them suitable for both medicinal cannabis patients and responsible adult recreational users. Whether you need to decompress after a hard day or simply want to enhance an upcoming experience, Encore has the edibles you need to take your cannabis experience to the next level.

Encore’s product line is heavily candy-inspired, with cannabis supplements coming in tasty, accessible forms like chocolates, mints, and caramels. Encore also has a great line of fan-favorite cannabis gummy chews that are a major component of retail cannabis markets across the nation. Encore makes its version of cannabis soft chews in a variety of enticing fruity flavors, using some heavy-hitting, top-shelf cannabis strains.

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Performance Deserving of an Encore

Why choose Encore for your next foray into the exciting and alluring world of cannabis edibles? Here are just a few of the things that make Encore Edibles stand out among the many other fine products:


Testing of Encore Edibles products are done far before the required third-party to ensure you’re always getting a consistent dose of quality cannabis. Speaking of a consistent dose, edibles represent one of the best and simplest ways to closely control the cannabinoids you’re taking in. The precise dosing of dispensary-bought edibles combined with the informative labeling of Encore retail cannabis products means you can figure out exactly what amount of THC, CBD, and other cannabis-derived compounds work best for you.

Long-Lasting Effects

If you want to maximize your cannabis experience in the chronological sense, edibles are the way to go. While the nature of cannabis edible means it does take a little longer to feel the effects when compared to smoking and vaping, the process of digesting and metabolizing cannabis can also contribute to a longer, more intense experience. In fact, the therapeutic and euphoric experience of consuming Encore Edibles can last for up to eight hours hours once those effects fully set in.

Convenient, Discreet Cannabis

Edibles are also a wonderful option for anyone seeking the convenience factor. Popping a delicious chew in your mouth is a faster, quieter, less messy, and less conspicuous experience when you compare it to packing a pipe, lighting a joint, or even hitting an electric vape pen. Plus, edibles require no accessories like pipes, lighters, papers, batteries, and the like.

Meet the Encore Edibles Product Line

The Encore Edibles product line is largely geared towards those with a sweet tooth, but that doesn’t mean they’re a one-note act by any means. Encore’s veritable candy shop of products comes in a wide variety of flavors, strains, formulations, and dosages to meet the needs of even the most demanding edible connoisseurs.

Encore Edibles


A flagship product for just about every modern edible cannabis brand is often a line of fruit-flavored chewy gummies. Encore Edibles delivers big in this area. Encore’s line of chef-created chewables is a veritable treasure trove for both edible cannabis fanatics and curious first-timers, thanks to the variety of options available (and ease of splitting a dose in half). We’re not just referring to the wide range of delectable flavors. Encore’s awesome gummies are based on a variety of different formulations and strains to help you find exactly what you need for your personal goals and preferences.

The best part? Instead of gelatin, which can feel chewy to the point that you can’t actually bite through, Encore uses pectin. This fruit-based thickener makes for a delectable texture in each gummy flavor and formulation.

Sativa Gummies

Sativa Gummies

If you’re looking to kick the beat up a notch, consider Encore sativa gummies your go-to. These gummies are great for when you need a boost of energy, motivation, or even creativity. Crafted with a proprietary blend of terpenes to create uplifting effects, the sativa options provide a consistent experience with each dose. 

Find Encore sativa gummies in flavors Sweet Strawberry and Sour Watermelon, measuring 10mg THC per piece.

Indica Gummies

Slow jams, in edible form. Encore indica gummies are fantastic for stress relief, pain relief, and straight relaxation. A gentle nudge of drowsiness makes them a great option for sleep, to boot. Encore’s indica formulation, too, is a secret blend of terpenes to create the suite of fan-favorite effects.

Find Encore indica gummies in flavors Berry Burst, Sour Mandarin (1:1 CBD:THC), Sour Strawberry Peach (2:1 CBD:THC), and Pomegranate Punch (2:1 CBN:THC).

Indica Gummies
Hybrid Gummies

Hybrid Gummies

Zen is, of course, our thing – but it’s Encore’s too. Encore hybrid gummies bring the ever-sought feeling of balance, of relief from what ails you, or simply enhancing the moment. Fans rave about Encore hybrid gummies’ effects, from pain relief to relaxation, and even easing of stress and anxiety. This hybrid secret sauce formulation is one for the books.

Encore hybrid gummies are featured flavor so divine, there’s only one: tropical fruit fusion Pineapple Raspberry.

CBD:THC Ratio Gummies

Those who need more control over their cannabinoid dose will be happy to learn that Encore’s formulations go beyond sativa, indica, or hybrid. An extremely popular chewable product in Encore’s line is the CBD:THC ratio gummies. This top-rated formulation is favored for its pain-relieving effects, in addition to easing stress and anxiety, all well-documented benefits of the cannabinoids alone, but more pronounced when paired together. With both major cannabinoids present, Encore’s THC:CBD line provides maximum therapeutic effects with less of a psychoactive high than THC-only products. Due to CBD’s documented anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-anxiety benefits.

Find Encore CBD and THC in flavors Sour Mandarin 1:1, measuring 10mg CBD and 10mg THC per piece, and Sour Strawberry Peach 2:1, measuring 20mg CBD and 10mg THC per piece.

CBD:THC Ratio Gummies
CBN:THC Ratio Gummies

CBN:THC Ratio Gummies

You probably guessed that a 1:2 ratio means one cannabinoid will be double the dose of the other. What you probably didn’t guess, though, was that the cannabinoids are THC and CBN.

Considered a minor cannabinoid as it’s less abundant than THC and CBD, CBN is becoming the preferred option for many with trouble sleeping, so much so that it’s often described as the sleep compound. In addition to encouraging drowsy feelings, CBN has been studied for anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and anti-bacterial effects.

Add an extra dose of zzz’s with Pomegranate Punch 1:2, measuring at 5mg CBN and 10mg THC per piece.

RSO Gummies

Last but far from least in our rundown of Encore’s gummies, the brand also offers a special line of strain-specific gummies made with a popular edible cannabis extract called Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO. RSO is a full-spectrum cannabis product containing THC and is unique because it uses as much of the cannabis plant’s chemical fingerprint as possible. This allows RSO products to retain a cannabis strain’s full terpene and flavonoid profiles. RSO is beloved by both medicinal and general-purpose users for its powerful and consistent effects.

Find strain-specific Encore RSO Gummies in flavors Tropical Mango Sativa, Concord Grape Indica, and Black Cherry Hybrid.

RSO Gummies

Encore Mints

Microdosing fans will love to hear that Encore also produces cannabis mints with a low, ultra-discreet dose that also provides extra-fresh breath. Encore Edibles mints are perfect for low-key social situations, easing light pain, or to take that mental edge off. These 5mg THC mints are crafted with isolated THC and make for an anytime of day microdose.

Because mints are designed to dissolve quickly in the mouth, some of the cannabinoids can be absorbed sublingually or through oral mucous membranes. So, why does this matter to you as a cannabis enthusiast? This sort of absorption enables you to access a faster onset time than ingesting cannabis and absorbing cannabinoids through the digestive tract.

Find Encore Mints in flavors Wintermint, Wildberry, and Cinnamon at 5mg THC per piece, and Tangerine 1:1 at 5mg THC and 5mg CBD per piece.

Shop Mints at:




Encore Chocolates

Encore Chocolates

Chocolates are the classics, and one of the products the Encore brand is best known for. These decadent, melt-in-your-mouth edibles offer all the depth and decadence of Belgian chocolate combined with a powerful and reliable cannabis experience.

Much like their gummies, Encore’s chocolates also come in a diverse selection of cannabinoids  and flavors, though each includes 10mg THC:

  • Milk Chocolate: indica, sativa, 1:1 CBD:THC sativa, 1:1 CBN:THC indica
  • Dark Chocolate: indica, sativa, 1:1 CBD:THC sativa, 
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt: 1:1 CBN:THC indica

Best of all, did you know that cannabis-infused chocolates may have a special “entourage effect” all their own? This is because some of the known health perks of chocolate (especially darker chocolate) can include:

  • Antioxidant properties
  • Improved blood flow, attributed to certain chocolate flavonoids
  • Mood enhancement, as chocolate contains serotonin precursors
  • Potential neurological health and neuroplasticity benefits, according to preliminary research

Encore Caramels

Encore Caramels

The only thing that can rival Encore Edibles’ chocolates for cannabis-infused decadent delights is its world-class caramels. These smooth, melt-in-your-mouth treats are delicious in their own right. Then, Encore adds an infusion of powerful, top-shelf cannabis. With varied offerings and delicious flavors, any cannabis lover who has a sweet tooth owes it to themselves to sink it into a package of Encore Edibles caramels.

Sativa fans, combine coffee and cannabis with sativa Espresso Caramels, and indica lovers, sink into indica Sea Salt Caramels then bed.

Encore Sweet Stones

Encore Sweet Stones

Encore’s Sweet Stones offers the discreet dosing of a mint but in sweet, hard candy-inspired flavors that you can savor for a longer time. Think of Encore Sweet Stones as very special cough drops that tickle your cannabinoid receptors instead of soothing your throat. You can let your Sweet Stone dissolve in your mouth or even hold it under your tongue for sublingual absorption.

You’ll find Sweet Stones in flavors:

  • Lemonade, a tart and juicy sativa
  • Wildberry, a sweet indica
  • Peach Mango, a tropical hybrid
  • 1:1 Orange, an indica with a THC:CBD ratio

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Your Trusted Source for Encore Edibles

As part of Zen Leaf’s commitment to providing our customers with the best medical and recreational use cannabis products, we are proud to carry the full Encore Edibles line. When you’re ready to taste this world-class line of cannabis products for yourself, head to your nearest Zen Leaf Dispensary. Once you try one product, you’re going to want an encore, we’re sure of it!

Once you try one product, you're going to want an encore, we're sure of it!

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