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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Cannabis Gift Guide

By Danyal Swan February 6, 2024
Valentine's Day Marijuana Gift Guide

Is it just us, or is it hard to believe Valentine's Day is around the corner? If you're in the same boat, don't worry, we've gathered the Valentine's Day gifts your pals and partners want most – cannabis.

In a survey conducted last year in Illinois, 61% of respondents planned to incorporate marijuana into their Valentine's Day plans, with 37% stating they'd be happy to receive cannabis as a gift. Whether you prefer to gift or share marijuana this holiday, our Valentine's Day cannabis gift guide covers all of your and your partner's needs. And, for those feeling particularly crafty, we did a deep dive into DIY cannabis bouquets to truly impress. Explore the top-rated products for intimacy, blissful feelings, and more.

In medical states where medical cannabis gifting is not allowed, consider this a curated list of gifts from you, to you!

Galentine's Day Marijuana Gifts

Galentine's Day is more important to some than Valentine's Day. If you fall into this group, peruse some of the best options for your gal pals, from topicals to flower, edibles, accessories, and more:

Galentines Cannabis Gift Avexia Bath Salt

Avexia Lavender Bath Soak

Help your Galentine level up their weekly bubble bath with Avexia Lavender Bath Soak. This topical provides maximum relaxation with a dose of hydration, thanks to 100mg THC, 100mg CBD, and sunflower and jojoba oils. If you want to make it an extra special soak, might as well toss in a pre-roll, too!

Avexia Lavender Bath Soak can be found in medical and AU states IL, MD, and NV, and medical states PA and WV. Find other hydrating, soothing topicals in medical and AU states AZ, CT, MA, MI, and NJ, and medical states AR and OH.

Gift Guide Verano Reserve Flower

Verano Reserve Flower

Get your gal pal flowers you know she'll love. Big bud, high THC and terps, and exotic strains, Verano Reserve will surprise and delight your bestie. Use the bud to tell her a bit about her personality, whether that's sweet as pie with Sweet Apple Crumble Pie or buzzy and uplifting with Pomelo Diesel. Pair it with her favorite rolling papers or cones to make her life a little bit sweeter.

Shop Verano Reserve in medical and AU states AZ, IL, MA, MD, NJ, and NV, and medical states OH, PA, and WV. Find other high-quality bud in medical state AR and medical and AU states CT and MI.

Galentines Cannabis Gift Bits Guava Go

Bits Guava Go

Encourage your bestie to Guava Go get some, whether that's a night on the town, a night with her sweetie, or staying in with her fur baby for cuddles. These delightful low-dose sativa edibles marry sweet guava flavor with adaptogens guarana and coffee fruit for a pocket-sized boost whenever she needs it most.

Shop Acai Affection in medical and AU states AZ, IL, MA, MD, NJ, and NV, and medical in OH. Find other low-dose edibles in medical and AU states CT and MI, and medical markets AR, PA, and WV.

Mary Jane Bobby Pins

Help your bestie accessorize with her favorite flower. The Mary Jane Triplet Bobby Pins by VidaKush feature three fan leaves for a statement look. Designed to be worn for flair or even used to help pack your hand-rolled or packed js, these pins will sure to be your Galentine's go-to accessory.

Rose Bowl by Burning Love

Give your favorite Galentine a flower she'll admire daily. This rose-shaped pipe is crafted in soft pink with a green stem, with carefully handcrafted thorns and petals. This stunning piece is sure to wow your bestie each time she uses it.

Cowboy Kush Candle

Get your Galentine the next best thing to a cowboy. This one-of-a-kind scent from brand Boy Smells is one your bestie will burn day after day. Warmth radiates from Cowboy Kush thanks to notes of white leather and suede, complemented by hazelnut, saffron flower, cannabis leaves, rhubarb, and more.

Valentine's Day Marijuana Gifts for Your Partner

(the) Essence of Valentine's Day is thoughtfulness. If your partner's love language is receiving gifts, gift them the best cannabis in your state. From flower to extracts, vapes to edibles, there's something for every lover:

Valentine Gift Guide Essence Nectar Carts

(the) Essence Nectar Vapes

If your honey is one-of-a-kind, show them with a one-of-a-kind vape. Potent and delicious, Nectar vapes are as special as your Valentine. Cured flower, BHO extracted for full-spectrum benefits, this is one gift they'll use to the last drop.

Shop (the) Essence Nectar in medical and AU states AZ, IL, MA, MD, NJ, and NV, and in medical states OH, PA, and WV.

Valentine's Gift Guide Essence Cannabis Flower

(the) Essence Flower

Show your sweetie they're special, as special as the carefully curated strains in (the) Essence. Use the opportunity to convey your feelings in a strain, and turn it into a couple's activity by learning to roll something new and delicate. Tulip joints, cross joints, and more will help you explore flower in new ways together.

Find (the) Essence Flower in medical and AU states AZ, IL, MA, MD, NJ, and NV, and in medical states OH, PA, and WV. Find other flower options in medical and AU states CT and MI.

Valentine's Gift Guide Essence Xtracts

(the) Essence Xtracts

Convey the potency of your love with (the) Essence Xtracts. High THC and textures shatter, crumble, and wax offer a sensual sensory experience. Help them load up their dab with tender care and touches they'll love and appreciate as much as you.

Explore (the) Essence Xtracts in medical and AU states AZ, IL, MA, MD, NJ, and NV, and medical states PA and WV. Find other flower options in medical and AU states CT and MI.

Bits Acai Affection

Want to encourage your Valentine to lower their inhibitions and step out of their insecurities? Gift them Bits Acai Affection. This low-dose edible is crafted with 5mg THC, rose, and rosehip oil for extra-special nights. Might we suggest a dose following a home-cooked meal – trust us when we say the sparks will fly.

Shop Acai Affection in medical and AU states AZ, IL, MA, MD, NJ, and NV, and medical in OH. Find other low-dose edibles in medical and AU states CT and MI, and medical markets AR, PA, and WV.

Encore Chocolates

Skip the heart-shaped box for a bag of Encore Chocolates. Crafted with proprietary terpene profiles for indica, sativa, and hybrid effects, these cannabis edibles will help set the scene for you and your honey. Whether you go with creamy Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt, or both, you'll be sure to wow your partner.

Find Encore Chocolates in medical and AU states CT, MA, MD, NJ, and NV, and medical state OH. Find other edibles in AR, AZ, and MI.

Encore Sour Black Cherry RSO Gummies

Gift the experience of full-spectrum edibles with Encore Sour Black Cherry RSO Gummies. Your sweetie will appreciate the systemic effects, body tingles, and overall blissful feelings that accompany this tart hybrid gummy. Pair this with their favorite movie and let the good vibes flow.

Available in medical and AU states CT, IL, MA, MD, and NV, and medical states OH, and PA as Verano Troches. Shop other edibles in medical and AU states AZ, MI, and NJ and medical state AR.

Image Credit: Good Day Farm

GDF Raspberry Bliss Milk Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolates for Valentine's Day, why not treat yourself to Raspberry Bliss by Good Day Farm? This milk chocolate edible pairs creamy with tart with 75mg THC for a mini, dreamy cannabis experience. Pair it with your favorite album or snack for the ultimate V-Day celebration.

Shop Good Day Farm Raspberry Bliss Milk Chocolate in AR, a medical-only state.

Vital 1:1 Blood Orange Gummies

Want to wow your sweetie's tastebuds and cannabis experience? Go for Vital 1:1 Blood Orange Gummies, 1st place winner for CBD edibles at the 2023 Errl Cup. With 10mg THC and 10mg CBD, this balanced option will help them get out of their head for a little more fun this Valentine's day.

Find Vital 1:1 Blood Orange Gummies in AZ, a medical and AU state.

Image Credit_Wyld logo

Wyld Marionberry Gummies

Sweet and tart, Wyld Marionberry 10mg Gummies are a treat your honey will appreciate. These edibles boast a mellow, carefree mindset ideal for lowering their walls for deeper intimacy. Though enhanced with an indica terpene profile, they'll set the mood for anything you need.

Shop Wyld Marionberry Gummies in MI, a medical and AU state.

Valentine's Day Cannabis Gifts for Your Situationship

Let's be real, a situationship isn't worth the splurge. If you still find yourself inclined to treat them to something, make it wallet-smart. Yes, we're saying make your situationship Savvy. Whether you want them to concentrate on you more, maximize their time with you, or more quality time in general, say it with Savvy.

Cannabis Valentine's Gift Savvy Vapes

Savvy States of Mind Vapes

Send your situationship signals with a Savvy 0.3g pen or 1g cart – whether that's Happy Hour to get the good times rolling, Vacay with or without them (we're not judging), Kick Back, or the ultimate Sleepover. Trust us, they'll take the hint and thank you for it.

Shop Savvy 1g carts and 0.3g pens in adult-use states AZ, CT, IL, MA, MD, NV, and NJ.

Marijuana Valentine's Day Gift Guap

Savvy Guap Gummies

Tell your situationship you want to maximize your time with them with Savvy Guap, proof that big things come in small packages. Choose based on their personality, whether that's magical, captured by 25mg Blue Magic, or juicy, encapsulated in 50mg Jungle Juice. These edibles aren't for the faint of heart; you might see an entirely new side of your person with this edible gift.

Find Savvy Guap in adult-use markets IL as money bags, and AZ and NV as segmented, stacked bills.

Valentine's Day Cannabis Gift Savvy Bud

Savvy Bud

Send the quality time signal with Savvy bud. The best wallet-smart way to stock your stash, pairing whole flower with the ritual of rolling up is the best way to show you value time together. If you're feeling extra, pair the strain you get them with their personality. They'll love this lil thoughtful, affordable treat.

Shop Savvy flower in adult-use markets AZ, IL, MA, MD, NV, and NJ.

DIY Marijuana Bouquet for Valentine's Day

DIY Cannabis Bouquet

Want to get crafty with cannabis this Valentine's Day? Try your hand at a DIY marijuana bouquet! Not only does it allow you to gift your sweetie with their favorite flower, a marijuana bouquet gives them a new way to appreciate their bud. Remember, this project is for recreational states only where gifting cannabis is legal!

What you'll need:

  • High-end, top-tier bud to make a statement
  • Floral wire, to affix your bud
  • Filler flowers and greenery – think your Valentine's favorite flower, complemented by eucalyptus, baby's breath, or ferns
  • Scissors, to trim your filler flowers and greenery
  • Floral tape, to keep stems together
  • Floral wrapping paper or fabric to affix your work in; consider your Valentine's favorite colors
  • Twine or ribbon, as your finishing touch

Building your bouquet:

  1. Start by trimming the stems of your filler flowers and greenery to an equal length. Go ahead and remove any lower leaves that would be below your finishing bow of twine or ribbon.
  2. Take your cannabis bud and affix it to the floral wire; yes, you're making a flower with your flower!
  3. Begin arranging your bouquet by holding the bud on floral wire. By starting there, you'll be sure to keep cannabis as your centerpiece.
  4. Add greenery and your filler flowers around the cannabis bud. Try positioning any extra leaves, or perhaps shortening certain fillers, to cover the floral wire.
  5. After you're happy with your bouquet, use the floral tape to secure the stems together to ensure no movement. Wrap the tape around several times, ensuring it's covered by the floral paper or material.
  6. Wrap your flowers with the paper or material, then tie your twine or ribbon bow into place.

That's it! Show your love for your Valentine, and their love for bud, with this fun DIY project. And, if you're feeling cheeky, tuck a few joints in your bouquet, too!

Make This Valentine's Day Memorable at Zen Leaf

If you're considering gifting cannabis this Valentine's Day, you're not the only one. Whether you want to get your sweetheart high or simply let them know how much you care, giving cannabis is a great way to show your affection. Find everything you need to make this Valentine's Day special at your local Zen Leaf Dispensary.

Cultivate what you love this Valentine's Day (and every day).

Digital Content Manager for MÜV Florida and Zen Leaf Dispensaries. A cannabis connoisseur with a passion for explaining the miraculous possibility of the plant, Swan began her journey with cannabis as a recreational user and quickly realized its positive impact on her depression and severe anxiety. She joined the cannabis industry as Receptionist and MedTender and witnessed first-hand the immense potential of the plant for a wide variety of ailments, deepening her passion for alternative medicine. Swan is dedicated to self-education on the plant and sharing its potential with all. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

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