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What is Live Cannabis? A Complete Guide

By Danyal Swan August 22, 2023
Appeal of Live Cannabis Flower

Cannabis is a world in and of itself, but then there are its derivatives — pre-rolls, edibles, topicals, and extracts, including concentrates and vapes.

Given its varied forms — diverse in color, chemistry, and texture — exploring the intricacies of cannabis extracts might seem confusing. We are here to help you unveil the spectrum of cannabis concentrates, a colorful and tasty blend of possibilities and euphoric relaxation.

We will explore the details, origin, distinctiveness, and worldwide allure. Discover the best of the best live resin cannabis options, curated for you at your local Zen Leaf Dispensary. 

Live Cannabis, Defined

So, what exactly is live cannabis? Imagine a cannabis plant in its prime, bursting with all its natural goodness. That's live cannabis for you! Unlike its dried or cured counterparts, live resin cannabis is all about capturing and preserving the plant's full spectrum of compounds, including those magical terpenes that give it that delightful aroma, flavor, and potential therapeutic properties.

The truly unique piece of live cannabis is its harvest process, called "fresh frozen." It's like capturing the essence of the plant at its peak and instantly freezing it. You may be wondering why this is beneficial. Surprisingly, it's to keep those robust terpene and cannabinoid profiles intact. This method is often used to create concentrates that truly embody the complete compound profile of the plant.

Now, why should you care about live resin cannabis? Well, imagine taking a hit and being transported to a sensory wonderland with flavors that dance on your taste buds. Live resin cannabis offers an enhanced flavor profile that is simply out of this world. And let's not forget about the potential therapeutic benefits that come along with it. It's taking nature's little gift to us, cannabis, and capturing its truest essence.

An explosion of flavors and aromas. It's the rock star of cannabis concentrates and extracts, an upbeat dance for the senses. Terpenes, the heart of cannabis, shine here in full. Get ready for a sensory experience. Let's dive into the freshest journey:

The Production Process

The cannabis plant transforms from a flower into a beautiful work of art. Live cannabis products emerge from trichomes on fresh, untrimmed, uncured cannabis. The magic? Subfreezing temperatures post-harvest. Picture vibrant, frozen cannabis flowers — preserving terpenes for rich flavors and full-spectrum cannabinoids, as close to the plants "living" chemical profile as possible.

Terpenes, the volatile, easy-to-lose compounds, offer strain-specific aromas and flavors. In flash-freezing, the result captures cannabis' essence, with flavors echoing the source strain in truest fashion. This process, starting from a seed and leading to the enjoyment of the final product, is a celebration of preserving the quality and strength of the plant. 

Experience authentic cannabis, appreciating its journey. These concentrates are an aromatic, flavorful adventure!

The Harvest Process

Harvesting live cannabis flower is an intricate dance of timing and tenderness. Imagine the freshly picked cannabis flash-frozen post-harvest we discussed — nature suspended in frost. It preserves the plant's core, with no fuss with trimming or drying; it's the plant's raw, untouched essence.

The plants are monitored while growing, tested for the optimal harvest time to ensure the full plant profile. The process bridges science and nature as a living, frozen canvas ready for the next stage:

Extraction Methods

The secrets of solvents, temperature finesse, and terpene-cannabinoid preservation are what help live cannabis truly sing. After freezing cannabis, two common extraction methods are used: 

Hydrocarbon extraction is a fascinating process that lets us capture the essence of fresh, vibrant cannabis. Think of it as a precision technique where solvents like butane or propane are used to extract the plant's rich compounds, flavors, and aromas. After a meticulous evaporation and purification process, what you're left with is a concentrate that embodies the very best of the cannabis plant. It's a blend of science and nature, all working in harmony to deliver a pure and potent product.

Solventless extraction of live cannabis is like nature's pure alchemy. After collecting potent, cannabinoid- and terpene-producing trichomes, the plant's pure essence is gently extracted using only heat and pressure, preserving the strain's full spectrum of flavors and aromas. The result? A clean, authentic concentrate that's a true homage to the cannabis plant, all without using any chemicals. It's the essence of cannabis, untainted and unadulterated.

And the true beauty of live cannabis extracts? There's no right or wrong extraction method, it's all about your personal preference.

The Appeal of Live Cannabis

In this new age of cannabis, potent cannabis concentrates are surging, eclipsing conventional flower strength. Effects are felt immediately, providing a wealth of benefits depending on the strain chosen. Enhanced clarity is often described when using live cannabis concentrates, so too is pain relief, and...  

Enhanced Flavor Profile

With live cannabis extracts, flavor emanates from the jar to the dab. Imagine inhaling and tasting strains in their truest form, with a strain's molecular profile concentrated. 

Live cannabis extracts are like a gourmet experience for the senses. By capturing the plant in its freshest state, these extracts offer a flavor profile that's richer, more vibrant, and truer to the plant's essence. It's a symphony of taste and aroma that transports you right to the heart of the cannabis garden in which the strain was grown.


Live concentrates pack a punch, offering a heightened cannabis experience compared to traditional flower. Imagine taking the essence of a cannabis plant, preserving its freshest state, and then intensifying its power – that's what live concentrates deliver. By isolating the most potent components and leaving out excess plant material, these concentrates often boast THC levels soaring as high as 70-90%, compared to a flower's 25-30%. And don' forget — the "live" aspect ensures a richer flavor and aroma, thanks to a preserved terpene profile.

Terpene Richness

Research has revealed over 120 terpenes, 125 cannabinoids, and various compounds exist within the cannabis plant, each playing a unique role. Terpenes are more than just fragrant molecules; they synergize with cannabinoids to produce the quote, "entourage effect." 

This harmonious collaboration amplifies therapeutic potential, shaping the distinctive experiences enthusiasts cherish, best described as an explosion of aromatic symphony, akin to walking through a fragrant botanical garden. Live cannabis concentrates capture the very soul of the cannabis plant, preserving its intricate tapestry of terpenes. Terpenes, the aromatic compounds responsible for the distinct scents and flavors of different cannabis strains, are at their most vibrant in live concentrates. Imagine tasting the zesty citrus notes, the deep earthy undertones, or the sweet floral hints, all amplified and more vivid than ever. It's like listening to your favorite song in high-definition audio. For true cannabis connoisseurs, the terpene-richness of live concentrates offers a sensory journey that's unparalleled, tantalizing both the nose and the palate with nature's finest symphony.

Consumption Methods

Live cannabis offers a variety of potent experiences; methods like dabbing, vaping, and trying edibles provide diverse routes to enjoyment. Meticulous production ensures satisfaction for vapers and consumers, elevating the adventure. 

Your choice of consumption depends on the high you seek. For recreational bliss or medical relief, each method offers a unique path. Discover the trance and its tailored effects:


Vaping live cannabis concentrates is one of the easiest ways to savor the plant. These vape cartridges are crafted with live cannabis through varying extraction methods, depending on your preference. Two of the top-rated options on the market include:

Verano Live Resin carts are a pocket-friendly, potent vaping option that delivers your favorite strains like never before. Hydrocarbon extraction is used to isolate the plant's most precious parts, ensuring the best vaping experience for you with every inhale. 

For a unique dabbing experience, go for the On The Rocks Live Rosin Cart, crafted through ice water, solventless extraction. Using a decadent ice bath and heat and pressure, these savored cartridges are created in small batches, ensuring quality over quantity. Get a full-spectrum cannabis experience minus excessive doses. Enjoy the translucent golden touch without complexity (dab rig); grasp, inhale, and go. 


Dabbing, the original way to use concentrates, has been made easier than ever with options like the Terp Pen, Puffco devices, and . This flash-vaporization of the product ensures a potent dose with each inhale, and options to tailor by temperature to find your preferred heat level. There are no better live cannabis extracts to dab than:

Verano Live Resin Sugar, poised in the live cannabis landscape, showcases vibrant, flavorful terpenes through your nectar collector or dab nail. Hydrocarbon extraction is used to create microcrystals or micro-diamonds, immersed in a tantalizing terp sauce for unparalleled flavor.

The smoothest dabs with each load is promised by On The Rocks Live Rosin Badder. Trichomes are collected with an ice water bath, pressed with heat and pressure, then whipped up with love, creating a delicious concentrate cake in flavor. 


Edibles are embracing live extracts for holistic effects. These cannabis-infused foods and drinks are tapping into full-spectrum cannabis benefits. Edibles provide a discreet option for consuming cannabis indoors, and are fantastic for those who wish to avoid the tell-tale odor of cannabis use.

On The Rocks Live Rosin Solventless Gummies are chock-full of strain-specific, full-spectrum benefits with mouthwatering Peach Mango and tart Apricot Apple flavors. These edibles are a potent way to level up your edible use. But remember — edible effects can take up to 60 minutes, and are often more potent due to the first-pass effect, which converts THC to its more potent 11-hydroxy-THC. Be sure to start low and go slow with these awesome gummies.

Shop Live Cannabis Products at Zen Leaf

Shop Live Cannabis at Zen Leaf Dispensary

In the vibrant tapestry of cannabis and its forms, live cannabis extracts stand as a testament to the plant's versatility and potential. They capture the very essence of the cannabis plant, offering a sensory journey that's both rich and invigorating. Whether you're a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or new to the world of live resin, there's a world of flavor, aroma, and experience awaiting you.

As you venture into this realm of live cannabis, remember to savor every moment, every taste, and every aroma. It's not just about the high, but about the journey — one that's vibrant, flavorful, and truly authentic to the spirit of the cannabis plant. Dive deep, explore responsibly, and let the natural wonders of live cannabis elevate your senses, and shop your local Zen Leaf for the best live cannabis options curated just for you.

Digital Content Manager for MÜV Florida and Zen Leaf Dispensaries. A cannabis connoisseur with a passion for explaining the miraculous possibility of the plant, Swan began her journey with cannabis as a recreational user and quickly realized its positive impact on her depression and severe anxiety. She joined the cannabis industry as Receptionist and MedTender and witnessed first-hand the immense potential of the plant for a wide variety of ailments, deepening her passion for alternative medicine. Swan is dedicated to self-education on the plant and sharing its potential with all. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

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