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The Best Cannabis Brands in Michigan

By Danyal Swan August 23, 2023
Best Cannabis Brands in Michigan

If you live in Michigan, you know the state is a hot bed for some of the best cannabis options in the Midwest.  We’re zooming in on some of the best Michigan cannabis brands you can find statewide, and at Zen Leaf Buchanan, where we’re honored to bring the people of Michigan a comprehensive range of awesome cannabis products.

Top Brands Available at Michigan Marihuana Dispensaries

We’re going to dig into our favorite brands in alphabetical order, so don’t mistake this list for any sort of ranking. We love working with all of these high-end cannabis brands in Michigan, in addition to our partners in other states.

Redbud Roots, A Fan- and Zen-Favorite

Growing at an incredible rate since they began in 2017, Redbud Roots styles itself as “Michigan’s leading cannabis processor and cultivator,” and it’s hard to knock that claim. With a product line consisting of nearly 3 dozen separate products suitable for recreational and medicinal use, Redbud Roots is truly a comprehensive retail cannabis vendor. For edible lovers, their Hash House is a must-try for potent effects. For intense flavor, their Fruit Stand vapes will be a staple, though those who prefer the classic flavor of cannabis will want to curate a stash their full-spectrum cartridges. Dabbers will love the Hash Rosin and Live Resin Budder options, which provide a punch of flavor and effects.

And don't sleep on RedBud Roots flower. Their bud is grown with care, with genetics selected for their stunning characteristics, potency, and robust terpene profiles. But don't take it from us.

Reviewer m****t had this to say about indica strain Sherb Breath:

"What can I say other than amazing! I loved everything about Sherb from the packaging to the look, the smell, the taste and the high. Can't go wrong with this strain!"


Alvarez Cultivation & AlvaRezin Processing is a boutique cannabis operation specializing in small-batch buds, as well as high-end concentrates (and pre-rolls) made from the same. Some of the strains Alvarez is best known for include Willie’s Kush Cake, Deep Fried Ice Cream, Orange Cake Pops, and Lemon Mints.


Camino is a cannabis brand known throughout Michigan for their tasty and unique (and vegan!) chewable gummy formulations. These often include fun seasonal or promotional flavors, such as their “Proud” Passionfruit Punch, released in June 2023. Other top flavors include Pineapple Habanero and the delightfully sour Watermelon Spritz, though for many consumers, "Chill" Wild Berry stands out.

Here's what reviewer p****z had to say about Chill:

"Love these for calming anxiety and quieting my brain after a hectic day. They make me feel physically and mentally relaxed and happy but don’t knock me out too hard. Just enough to help me fall asleep on my own."

Cannabis PM

Cannabis PM Gummies

Cannabis PM is another well-known retail brand focused on chewable gummies, and as you might guess by the name, their formulations are specially designed to help promote healthy sleep. If you’re looking for cannabis products available in Michigan that can help with insomnia, Cannabis PM’s precise ratio of cannabinoids and natural terpenes might be exactly what you need.


Cresco’s operation doesn’t just focus on a great flower product and high-end resins, it also focuses on education, equity, and social justice within the booming cannabis industry. When you purchase an ounce of Cresco’s storied Alien Durban or a terpene-rich liquid live resin cartridge for your vape pen, you can feel good knowing you’re supporting a company that will help steer the future of commercial cannabis in a sustainable and healthy direction.

Crude Boys

Crude Boys products are well known to cannabis users across Michigan for the fun packaging, big flavors, and reasonable price point. They make quality vape carts derived from a variety of great strains like Cherry Pie and Grand Daddy Purp. Big rippers will want to check out their “Big Rip” all-in-one vapes, packing 2 grams of high-end distillate into a self-contained vape unit. Go out for a big rip with beloved strains like Ice Cream Cookies or Ghost Train.

Detroit Edibles

It doesn’t get much more Pure Michigan than a 200mg crispy cinnamon toast treat from Detroit Edibles. They also make a truly wonderful infused honey, as well as a CBN version formulated as a bedtime supplement.


DogHouse is a well-known cannabis grower operating in several states, including Michigan. With over 15 years of experience cultivating innovative and high-testing strains, it’s hard to go wrong with DogHouse Flower. Some of their best (and best-named) strains include Time Out, DogWaze, Scooby Cake, and the award-winning Drool.

Drip Extracts

Drip Extracts is one of our preferred suppliers for super convenient, all-in-one disposable vape units. Drip products stand out because they come in large, 2 g. units for extended enjoyment, while many other all-in-one disposables are half a gram or even smaller. Iconic strains like Blue Dream, Grand Daddy Purp, and Green Crack are guaranteed to keep vaping enthusiasts drippy for days.

Element Extracts

If you’re looking for high-quality cannabis extracts and vape carts produced right here in Michigan, Element Extracts has a comprehensive line of products for you to check out. They produce both live resin and cured resin and even have cutting-edge live THCA resin products available. A highlight is their Pure Live vape cartridges, a 100% live resin cart that is completely free of distillates, non-cannabis terpenes, and other additives.

Fresh Coast

Whether you’re looking for resins for the dab rig, a new vape cart, or delicious chewables in delightful flavors like Blood Orange and Pineapple Maui Wowie, Fresh Coast is a powerhouse Michigan cannabis brand that is not to be overlooked. Some of our favorite Fresh Coast vape carts include 99 Lilacs, Duct Tape, and Black Cherry Cheesecake.

Good News™

Good News is a cannabis brand focused on convenience, offering disposable vapes, discreet (and delicious) gummies, and short-scale pre-rolls. One of the things Good News does best is coming up with fun flavors for their vapes and gummies. Check out Brunch (orange), Day Off (peach), and Counting Sheep (black cherry).

Grown Rogue

Grown Rogue is a top-tier cannabis growing operation that focuses on leveraging the different microclimates found throughout the areas in which they operate to create awesome, innovative cannabis products. From their beginnings in Oregon’s Rogue Valley, Grown Rogue is growing into their stated mission of bringing low-cost, high-quality cannabis to customers across the country.

High Supply™

High Supply is a no-nonsense brand that puts great cannabis before everything else. The affordable line of products focuses on popcorn buds, ensuring more bud for your buck with each dispensary visit. This philosophy pays dividends for users of their comprehensive line of cannabis products, which includes everything from flower and pre-rolled joints to vape carts and concentrates.


Concentrate lovers likely know and love Humblebee. Dedicated to crafting high-testing extracts, Humblebee’s concentrates and concentrate-infused pre-rolls are some of the hardest-hitting in the state, and they make a crucial addition to our Zen Leaf Buchanan menu. Live resin is where Humblebee shines; freshly harvested cannabis is frozen at -80°C, and extracted using proprietary methods to capture the plant's essence.


Image courtesy of KIVA.

A top edibles brand, KIVA is probably best known for their high-end chocolates. Gourmet-level candy bars infused with epic cannabis strains: enough said! Each bar contains 200mg THC, broken out into easily dosable 5mg pieces. Check out innovative flavors like Raspberries & Cream, Birthday Cake, and reviewer-favored Churro.

Here's what reviewer h****a experienced when dosing Churro:

"This is the only flavor worth buying. Absolutely delicious, and it sells out all the time. Great for anyone who isn't too familiar with weed and wants something easy to help relax without tripping too hard."

Little Feet Infused Pre-rolls

For those who prefer pre-rolls, Little Feet never disappoint. A play on Big Foot (with a logo to match), each pre-roll offers unique genetics that are packed with care. You can find OG pre-rolls, or infused - we're talking coated in distillate and rolled in strain-specific kief. A sub-brand of Real Leaf Solutions, you can find incredible infusions using Real Leaf's best strains.

Mary's Medicinals

Are you headed to Zen Leaf looking for something to soothe an aching muscle rather than find your ideal flower? Mary’s Medicinals is a company well-known throughout the cannabis community for producing quality topicals, salves, and tinctures. They even produce an innovative cannabis-infused Muscle Freeze product with a solid 300mg of THC. For general therapeutic use, try their 1:1 preparation with equal amounts of THC and CBD, available as both a tincture and a topical compound.

Peachy Hash & Co.

There are few brands dedicated solely to the art of hash making, and Michigan is lucky enough to have one of the best - Peachy Hash & Co. Their canopy space fuels their hash development, with each bud flash-frozen to capture the strain's living chemical profile, and ice water extracted for a pure, potent experience. Crafted into sensational textures Live Hash Rosin, Live Hash Rosin Budder, and Live Hash Rosin Jam, concentrate connoisseurs will want to scoop each strain available. For those not quite of dabbing caliber yet, the Live Hash Rosin Disposable Vapes are an excellent, easy way to access solventless cannabis, as are the full-spectrum Live Rosin Gummies.

Explore in flavor-rich strains Superboof, Sugar Shack, Devil Driver, and more.

Pine Park

An exciting addition to the Michigan cannabis game is Pine Park. A California brand with Chicago ties, Pine Park seeks to build and bolster the cannabis community with unique genetics and incredible textures. Get excited - strains Chocolatina, Meddelin x Jet Fuel Gelato, Peanut Butter Hecz, and more will be making their way onto menus soon.

Real Leaf Solutions

Some of the state’s top strains come from Real Leaf Solutions. This family-owned cultivator was the first approved in Northern Michigan, and puts a heavy focus on curating strains that showcase spectacular structure, compounded with delightful effects that never disappoint. Spiked Punch, Secret Donkey, and Lilac Diesel strains tantalize the senses as much as they are fun to say. A special cultivar to many, though, is White Mo, a cross of The White and GMO with earthy and piney flavors.

Here's what s****8 had to say about White Mo:

"Top 5 flower I've ever had. Doesn't get more top shelf than this."


Rise is a specialty cannabis vendor that offers Michiganders a variety of supplements that put cannabinoids other than THC at the forefront. They sell CBD and THC-a supplements in convenient tablet form for those who wish to unlock the therapeutic benefits of cannabis while forgoing the psychoactive high.


STIIIZY Cannabis Vapes
Image courtesy of STIIIZY.

STIIIZY is known throughout Michigan and beyond as a premier supplier of cannabis vape pens and pods, thanks to the peerless quality of its vaping products. Did you know they also deal in high-quality flower and extracts? Daily smokers, be sure to check out their hard-hitting “STIIIZY 40’s” line of infused pre-rolls next time you visit Zen Leaf.


Terra is best known for their fun and innovative edible cannabis products. Next time you’re at Zen Leaf shopping for some convenient edibles, skip the same old gummies and try Terra’s cannabis-infused espresso bean product or their infused “blueberries,” each coming as a 20-pack with 100 total milligrams of THC.


Another well-regarded edibles brand focused on chewable gummies, Wana’s strength lies in its range of enticing flavors, including Strawberry Margarita, Exotic Yuzu, and Dream Berry. They also offer different formulations, such as a CBD-forward 2:1 ratio gummy, as well as a sleep aid formula.


WYLD Cannabis Edibles
Image courtesy of WYLD.

If you’re ready to get truly WYLD, look no further than this innovative line of chewable cannabis edibles. Options range from their super-high dose, super-sour sativa apple to interesting 1:1, 2:1, and 4:1 ratio products featuring underappreciated and emergent cannabinoids like CBN and CBC. WYLD is also no slouch in the flavor department, with cool offerings like blood orange and huckleberry.

Michigan Cannabis Dispensary FAQs

With the widespread availability of cannabis in the state, Michiganders have more questions than ever about what cannabis brands are available near them. Zen Leaf has a commitment to giving customers a great cannabis experience from end to end (including this blog and more, each full of informative resources).

Read on for answers to common questions about marihuana in Michigan:

What Do I Need To Know Before Going to a Dispensary in Michigan?

For adults of legal cannabis consumption age (21+), visiting the local dispensary in Michigan is as simple as remembering to bring your valid ID. For recreational cannabis, there is no complicated licensing process for consumers. You simply enter the dispensary, hand your ID over at the desk, and you will be called in to shop when it’s your turn. State laws limit the number of customers that can shop at once, so don’t be surprised if there’s a short wait in the lobby involved at popular dispensaries.

For medical patients, there is a licensing process and doctor’s visits involved. Still, having a medical card often leads to discounts at many Michigan dispensaries. For that reason, acquiring your medical card is worth looking into for medical patients who use large amounts of cannabis.

Can Anyone Buy from a Dispensary in Michigan?

Only those of legal age who possess a valid ID can shop at a cannabis dispensary in Michigan. Michigan is serious about preventing minors from accessing retail cannabis, so there’s no way to get into your local dispensary without a valid photo ID, most typically in the form of a driver’s license.

Can You Go Into a Dispensary Without an ID Card in Michigan?

No. It is against the law for someone to shop at a cannabis dispensary in the State of Michigan without establishing their identity through a valid photo ID. If you attempt to visit any reputable dispensary in the State of Michigan without a valid ID, expect to be promptly asked to leave.

Can You Buy at a Dispensary in Michigan if You’re From Out of State?

Yes. As long as you are aged 21+, a valid driver’s license or other government photo ID from out of state (or even out of the country) should be sufficient to get you entered into a dispensary’s system and allow you to purchase recreational adult-use cannabis (although exact policies may vary from place to place). Be advised, however, that any cannabis purchased in Michigan should be used in a private, appropriate location within the state. Attempting to take your cannabis purchase across state lines can lead to serious criminal liability and penalties.

Can You Go to Multiple Dispensaries in One Day in Michigan?

Yes, there is no law preventing you from shopping at multiple dispensaries in a 24-hour period, so long as you do not purchase more than the legally allotted limit of cannabis. If you’re shopping around for the best products and prices, consider a visit to Zen Leaf’s fully stocked Buchanan, MI, location.

Zen Leaf Dispensaries: Find the Best Michigan Cannabis Brands

Shop the Best Cannabis Brands in MI at Zen Leaf Buchanan

When you’re ready to explore all of the above brands and more, Zen Leaf of Buchanan in Michigan is ready to serve you! We strive to offer the very best products for both medical and recreational marihuana use and look forward to meeting your cannabis needs.

Digital Content Manager for MÜV Florida and Zen Leaf Dispensaries. A cannabis connoisseur with a passion for explaining the miraculous possibility of the plant, Swan began her journey with cannabis as a recreational user and quickly realized its positive impact on her depression and severe anxiety. She joined the cannabis industry as Receptionist and MedTender and witnessed first-hand the immense potential of the plant for a wide variety of ailments, deepening her passion for alternative medicine. Swan is dedicated to self-education on the plant and sharing its potential with all. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

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