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This entry was posted in Legal on November 15th 2019 by Danyal Swan

A Guide to Travelling With Medical Marijuana Out of State

Doctors can now prescribe cannabis to help manage many illnesses. With the proper accreditation and diagnosis, you can use medical marijuana to help deal with the effects of multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s disease, among other debilitating conditions. For people living with these illnesses, keeping a supply of medical cannabis is essential for managing their symptoms.

If you’re living in a state that has legalized medicinal marijuana, it’s easy to replenish your supply if you are a current cardholder. You can go to a licensed dispensary in your state and get your prescription’s worth of medical cannabis.

But what if you have to leave your state? Is it safe to bring your supply of legal marijuana?

Traveling Out of State with Cannabis

When you need to leave the state for any reason, please be forewarned. Before you buy a ticket or set foot in your car, research the state you’re going to visit and check their laws regarding marijuana use. At the very least, make sure that the use of  marijuana is legal in your destination.

If you travel to a state that doesn’t allow the use of cannabis, even for medicinal purposes, authorities can arrest you for possession even if you are registered in your home state. Federal authorities also exercise this power once the marijuana crosses state lines.

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t bring a supply of any kind of marijuana with you when you cross from one state to another. Even if you travel to a state that recognizes registration and cards issued by your home state, you’ll have to register at your destination state and purchase your supply from them.

Once you’ve done your research on the legality of marijuana in your destination, you should make certain you can travel there by car if possible.

The Perils of Planes When Traveling with Marijuana

The United States has not yet legalized medicinal marijuana on the federal level. As such, federal agencies do not recognize any state’s marijuana laws. Any property that falls under federal jurisdiction is subject to these laws, and these include airports and airplanes.

Security personnel in these areas can detain and arrest patients, even if they have the proper paperwork. Although some airports allow patients who carry the correct registration papers and documents to board, the risk of getting arrested for trafficking makes air travel untenable as a transport option.

Private transportation companies, such as bus lines and trains can expel any passenger if they are aware that said passenger is carrying cannabis, even if the supply is for medical purposes.

Because of all these restrictions, your best transportation option is a private car. However, you should still be aware of how much marijuana you can safely transport.

Despite these hurdles, patients who need medical marijuana can still enjoy trips and out-of-state vacations. You just need a little more coordination and planning to resume traveling.

When It Comes To Traveling With Marijuana, Safe is Smart

When unsure, err on the side of caution. Marijuana, medical or not, is not federally legal so even if your state has legalized it for use, this doesn’t mean you still can’t get into legal trouble by crossing it’s boarders with cannabis in your possession… so better to be safe than sorry!