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Substance Abuse & Addiction

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse and Addiction

Although different drugs have different physical effects, the symptoms of addiction are similar. If you recognize the signs & symptoms of substance abuse, consider talking to someone about your drug use.

Some examples of signs of symptoms of substance abuse are:

  • Neglecting responsibilities at school, work, or home because of drug use.
  • Using drugs under dangerous conditions or taking risks while high.
  • Built up a drug tolerance.
  • Take drugs to avoid or relieve withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms may include: nausea, sweating, shakiness, and extreme anxiety.
  • Causing problems in relationships.
  • Abandoning enjoyed activities.
  • Continuing to use drugs, despite knowing it’s hurting you.
  • Losing control over drug use, may want to stop using, but feel powerless.


Addiction is a complex problem that affects every aspect of your life. Overcoming addiction requires reaching out for support and making changes to the way you live, deal with problems, and relate to others. Recovery is within your reach but don’t try to go alone; it’s very easy to get discouraged and rationalize “just one more”. Whether you choose to go to rehab, rely on self-help programs, get therapy, or take a self-directed treatment approach, support is essential.


HelpGuide is a nonprofit mental health and wellness website. Their mission is to provide empowering, evidence-based information that you can use to help yourself and loved ones.

Please visit helpguide.org for more helpful resources or call 1-800-563-4086 for Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Warning: Frequent and prolonged use of cannabis can contribute to mental health problems over time, including anxiety, depression, stunted brain development and impaired memory. Consumption while pregnant or breastfeeding may be harmful. Cannabis has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming and addictive. Consuming more than the recommended amount may result in adverse affects requiring medical attention.

Under Federal Law cannabis remains a schedule 1 substance. Do not use cannabis if you are under twenty-one years of age. Keep cannabis out of the reach of children.