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Savvy Cannabis Brand

The Savvy Cannabis Brand

When cannabis connoisseurs are feeling thrifty yet indulgent, they get Savvy. The cheekily-named brand truly wants the best for their customers, which is why they supply better-quality products sold in higher quantities at smart prices. Loyal Savvy customers expect nothing less than dependable genetics in an array of both traditional and novel products, from pens and cartridges to portable bulk buds and gummies.

The Savvy brand incorporates quality strains sold in larger quantities, which means fewer trips to the dispensary and more time to enjoy some great flower. It also means large-format cannabis can be attainable at an affordable price point. This extends to more than just flower— options abound in travel and bulk sizes for vapes, where "Savvy" isn't just a brand name but also a state of mind. 

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Savvy Cannabis Brand Packaging

Savvy entered the cannabis market with a bright and colorful bang. The initial vibrant packaging was reminiscent of the nineties with a flair of VSCO, pop-art inspired and a creative expression in its own right. This caught the attention of bold, edgy cannabis connoisseurs, singing a savvy swan song from shelves. As it turns out, those connoisseurs were practically anyone who craved superior cannabis for a great price. 

The true beauty of Savvy is its connection to art and culture, showcased in four designs, with more to come: 

  • OG: the original Savvy artwork, a bold exploration of expression in both color and effect 
  • OE: Old English, new cannabis; inspired by [high] fashion
  • Uncensored: an evolution of cannabis and form, designed by Chicago multi-media artist @jacobwayneart
  • Guap: edible cheddar, hand-drawn by Las Vegas artists @llkingkig and @orfinart
Savvy Cannabis Brand Packaging

The colorful and artful packaging that houses Savvy products is both playful and old school. It makes a statement to be what you are and alludes to the street smarts of the Savvy brand name. Evocative of the most comfortable tie-dye t-shirt you’ve ever owned as well as the best of the best graffiti artwork, both can liven up an otherwise drab day. 

The packaging symbolizes what cannabis can do for your day, whether you just want to lay around in your favorite t-shirt or explore an entire city. Savvy enthusiasts from coast to coast can identify with the relaxed yet adventurous vibe Savvy exudes. The packaging is  conveniently color-coded, by the way: pink for sativa, blue for indica, and green for hybrid.

Savvy Bulk Popcorn Buds

Bulk Bud Flower

Savvy's inaugural product line, bulk bud, was introduced in quarter (7g) and half-ounce (14g) bags. 

These popcorn buds are easily transported from here to there and can be broken down while on the go or while sitting at home for a bowl or blunt on the fly. The large format allows you to get more bud for your buck, and more uses—homemade edible aficionados can revel in the fact that they can bake a batch and still have some to stash.

Savvy Bulk Bud is a special line, as the packaging is a reflection of the times. Artwork will change to reflect what’s up-and-coming in trends, so you can always be ahead of the curve. Find Savvy in OG packaging, signature, bold colors with a splash of spraypaint and duct tape, and OE, a bold statement, a new take on high fashion.

Uncensored Flower

Savvy Uncensored is an answer to a call from the flower children in Illinois and Maryland. It’s a no-frills cannabis product that stays true to the wallet-Savvy pricing and cannabis culture. 

Uncensored is rough-cut cannabis flower, bud in its rawest form. No trimming is done to the flower post-harvest; instead, nugs are shucked from the plant and packaged in 3.5g bags in Illinois, and 7g bags in Maryland. Sugar leaves and other foliage (stems, too) are a hallmark of this flower, leaving users to learn a little bit about the hand-trim process. This bit of extra work truly pays off—the sugar leaves preserve the potency of the trichomes, and what is removed can be reused for edibles or cannabis tea.

The Uncensored line is perfect for cannabis lovers who use their joint rolling, cone packing, or bowl-loading as a ritual, finding comfort and relaxation in each leaf removal and turn of the grinder. As you might expect, Uncensored packaging is a bit more risqué than bulk bud; colorful with underlying cult-classic vibes, complete with the brand’s iconic strip of duct tape. 
Uncensored products are currently exclusive to Maryland and Illinois.

Savvy Vapes

Savvy's knack for fulfilling the desires cannabis users garnered brand loyalty that was established within months of Savvy entering the market. Their simple and straightforward options appeal to many sectors of the cannabis community, including people who love to vape. Vape enthusiasts welcome the high-quality oils rich in flavorful terpenes, available in a consistent, reliable array of strains.

Savvy keeps this product line well-stocked for any occasion with their 300 mg disposable grab-and-go vape pens. You’ll also find 1g cannabis cartridges that fit onto any 510-thread battery made for vaping, which feature exceptionally high concentrations of THC. Just a couple puffs are all that most people need from these vapes to achieve their Savvy state of mind, meaning more bang (and pulls) for your buck.

Savvy Cannabis Vapes
Savvy Guap Macrodose Edibles

Guap Macrodose Gummies

Guap macrodose edible gummies are a necessary niche option. These innovative gummies are made for cannabis consumers who need a higher dose because their high metabolism, high tolerance, or fast digestion prevents them from experiencing desirable effects from less potent gummies. The difference? Other gummies and edible products on the market may have as little as 5mg to 10mg of THC, while Guap Gummies contain up to 50mg. 

Savvy Guap Gummies are crafted using isolated THC distillate, in Jungle Juice 50mg and Blue Magic 25mg THC. In fact, these edibles are so THC-rich that if you look closely, you’ll see tiny bubbles inside, which occur as the weightier THC coalesces and combines with the pectin base. They're meant to be enjoyed one at a time as a macrodose and are packaged separately for this reason, though those interested in the delicious flavors can experience Guap by splitting the gummy into pieces with dosing appropriate to their experience level.

Guap Gummies packaging features hand-drawn artwork by Las Vegas artists and represents a safe full of “guap,” which is slang for stacks of cash. And, true to theme, the single doses are shaped like money bags. 

Guap Gummies are an Illinois exclusive. Note, though pectin is used, Guap gummies are not vegan, but fall into the gluten-free category.

Savvy Products Guide

You can see why Savvy has quickly grown into a household name in the cannabis community. The expanding array of options is a testament to how loved they are by the many consumers out there who rave about Savvy and strains, and Savvy’s commitment to providing wallet-friendly options. The only downside to that is it can get a bit overwhelming when our Zen Leaf customers want a product but aren’t quite sure where to start.

Below is a guide to Savvy products that you can reference as you shop around and discover everything the brand has to offer.

Savvy Marijuana Flower

Bulk Bud Flower

Product Details:

Grind, pack, repeat. Savvy Bulk Bud is your endless-possibilities-in-a-stash bag. 

Key Features:

  • 3.5g, 7g, and 14g options (sizes vary by market)
  • Dozens of strains available
  • Wallet-friendly pricing


Savvy flower products come in a variety of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains with varying effects and benefits, owing to their concentration of THC and other cannabinoids. These are the pink, blue, and green bags you see in online product listings, but packaging in retail stores may vary due to state regulations regarding the marketing of cannabis

Uncensored, Rough Cut Flower

Product Details:

Flower, unfiltered. Savvy Uncensored is flower in raw form; small, untrimmed buds at a get-more-for-less price. More sizes, more savings. 

Key Features:

  • Rough, uncut flower in a fashionably raw form
  • Limited markets


Uncensored products come in a variety of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. These are available online and in Zen Leaf dispensaries in select states.

Shop Uncensored in:



States of Mind 300mg Cannabis Pens

Product Details: 

Cannabis should be how you’re looking to feel. From happy and chatty to blissfully at ease, Savvy 300mg disposables offer a state of mind. Find yours.

Key Features:

  • Preassembled
  • Disposable
  • Grab and go 
  • No additional equipment required


  • Happy Hour (Summer Melon): refreshing sativa
  • Vacay (Pineapple Mimosa): tropical hybrid
  • Kick Back (Fresh Berry): a berry fruity indica
  • Sleepover (Cherry Sorbet): a tart, fruity indica with CBN

States of Mind 1g Cannabis Cartridges

Product Details:

Just like 300mg pens, cannabis should be how you’re looking to feel. From happy and chatty to blissfully at ease, Savvy 1g carts offer a state of mind. Find yours.

Key Features: 

  • Double the size of other vape products
  • Long-lasting and economical
  • Easily attachable to any 510-thread vape battery


  • Happy Hour (Juicy Mango): juicy sativa 
  • Vacay (Peaches & Cream): hybrid
  • Kick Back (Rainbow Sherbet): sweet berry indica
  • Sleepover (Strawberry Jam): a sweet indica with CBN for an added dose of doze

Guap Macrodose Gummies

Product Details:

Short stacks, high dose. Savvy Guap gummies are money, loaded with THC in one big-bite-sized piece for a high you’ll crave. Taste the green in Blue Magic 25mg, an electrifying, lip-puckering blue raspberry flavor, and Jungle Juice 50mg, a not-your-mother's fruit punch flavor. 

Key Features:

  • High THC potency
  • Single-dose for consumers with high tolerance or low THC absorption
  • Convenient 


  • Jungle Juice: 50mg THC
  • Blue Magic: 25mg THC

Shop Guap in:

Illinois exclusive

THCA Sand Concentrate 0.5g

Product Details:

Bring the beach home with Savvy THCa Sand. THCa and trichomes are isolated and refined until a flawless, strain-specific sandy powder remains, leaving you with a purely potent puff and a retreat from any seat.

Key Features:

  • High THC potency
  • Convenient 


  • Like Savvy flower, THCA Sand is available in a variety of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains.

Savvy Brand: The Final Word

The Savvy brand is both passionate and shaped by an ever-changing world culture, and Savvy refuses to shy away from this diversity. Rather, Savvy aims to embody what cannabis lovers truly want while embracing the new trends that are influencing the industry. All this while ensuring cannabis is available at an affordable price for those who want it. 

Authenticity is at the core of Savvy products – there’s no need for hype or gimmick marketing when you’ve really got the goods. Find your Savvy at a Zen Leaf Dispensary near you.

Savvy, a Diverse Cannabis Brand