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Agri-Kind Cannabis Products In Pennsylvania

This entry was posted in Pennsylvania, Products on July 28th 2022 by Danyal Swan

Agri-Kind, The Most Reliable Marijuana Products In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania legalized marijuana for medical purposes in 2016 and since the first sales in 2018, Agri-Kind marijuana products have been helping patients in the state with numerous medical concerns, including anxiety, insomnia, and pain. With a large variety of the highest quality options, Pennsylvania patients can choose how they would like to use marijuana without the fear of any additives in their products. Agri-Kind marijuana products are pure and kind to those with health concerns, showcasing the numerous benefits medical marijuana can provide for both body and mind.

For 30+ years, the Agri-Kind team has been diligently studying the medicinal benefits of using marijuana and using that knowledge to grow marijuana products that can be trusted and relied upon by medical marijuana patients. All products comply with stringent SO/FDA regulations and are safe to use in Pennsylvania for patients 21 years and older.

Agri-Kind is passionate about providing you with the best in marijuana. That’s why the Agri-Kind team consists of not only growers, but certified marijuana researchers, using their profound knowledge and research skills to craft the best strains of marijuana to help with varying health concerns. Since there are no additives, when you use Agri-Kind products, you are using the cleanest, most effective marijuana products on the market.

Who Makes Agri-Kind 

Agri-Kind is a Pennsylvania-based marijuana company under our parent brand, Verano. Verano’s mission is to provide compassionate care to all marijuana patients. As such, Verano owns twelve cultivating facilities across the United States where a multitude of strains are grown by expert handlers. At Verano brands, we understand that there is not just one way to experience medical marijuana; the marijuana experience should meet patients where they are and consider the unique experiences of a multitude of patients nationwide.

Verano brands strive to create innovative new products that can benefit several different types of patients and takes the mission to the next level by making access to these products easy and reliable. 

Verano and Agri-Kind products can be life-changing, and with the expansion of critical marijuana education, more and more patients are aware of the numerous benefits using medicinal marijuana brands like Agri-Kind can bring them.

Agri-Kind Marijuana Products

Not everyone enjoys using marijuana in the same way, that’s why Agri-Kind takes such care to ensure marijuana is available in many different forms to satisfy the needs of every kind of patient. What’s more, Agri-Kind patients receive only the cleanest products made from 100% marijuana extract and zero aftermarket or botanically derived terpenes.


Bud or flower is the part of the marijuana plant that is dried in order to vaporize, as Pennsylvania state law does not allow for smoking of marijuana. Flower is the most common way to use marijuana, which can be added to a dry herb vaporizer to heat the marijuana flower until the beneficial compounds are released in vapor form to be inhaled. The effects of vaping flower are the most immediate, as the cannabinoids in marijuana vapor can quickly reach the bloodstream via the lungs. Typically, these effects can last as long as two to three hours, but it is very dependent on the individual.

Agri-Kind Flower
Agri-Kind Concentrates


To create safe and high-quality concentrates, Agri-Kind extracts the most beneficial elements of the marijuana plant. These elements include cannabinoid and terpene compounds, which cause the medicinal effects as well as the unique taste and aroma of marijuana. These extracts are created using the highest quality hydrocarbon extraction services and crafted into different concentrates. As each concentrate has a different consistency, Agri-Kind produces numerous types of wax, sugar sauce, shatter, and live resin to suit all patient preferences.

What Is Agri-Kind Sauce?

By carefully selecting the best genetic strains, Agri-Kind produces a very rich, terpene-heavy cannabinoid crystal that we label sauce. This process tends to take much longer than the process of creating other concentrates such as shatter or wax because the terpenes must separate from the cannabinoids. This sauce is very sticky and has a liquid consistency similar to jam. Since it is high in terpenes, Agri-Kind sauce is known for its very potent and flavorful taste. There are numerous ways to use Agri-Kind sauce, including inhaling the vapor, ingesting it, or buying it in a cartridge.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

RSO is a consumable extract that is often dispensed through a syringe into an empty pill capsule, onto a piece of food, under the tongue, or applied topically onto the skin. With its extremely high THC content, RSO can be used by patients who have a strong tolerance to THC and need something more potent to gain the same effects. RSO is often made from indica-heavy plants, giving it more sedative/full body relaxation qualities, though it is also produced in hybrid and sativa strains. The inventor of this oil, Rick Simpson, believes to have cured his skin cancer with the oil.

Vape Carts

Cartridges are sold for the purpose of vaping the marijuana oil. Most often made from glass, individual cartridges are filled with either 1 gram or ½ gram of marijuana oil. To vaporize and inhale the oil, you will need a vape pen that fits your cartridge of choice. From there, simply charge, press the on button, and the atomizer will heat the oil, converting it into vapor for inhalation. To create state of the art vapes, Agri-Kind crafts each cartridge to contain a beneficial marijuana strain that carries precisely the benefits you’re seeking. Containing no carrying agents or fillers, the oil in all Agri-Kind vape cartridges is safe, extracted 100% from the marijuana plant, and rigorously tested by third parties.

Agri-Kind Vape Carts
Agri-Kind Tinctures


Tinctures allow you to place the oil right under your tongue and, because of their ease of use, are the most common way to digest marijuana oil. When taken sublingually, the cannabinoids and terpenes can travel directly into the bloodstream without first needing to travel through the digestive system, though you can swallow tinctures directly for a slower onset of effects that feel similar to that of an edible. Agri-Kind tinctures come in a variety of strengths and can be either CBD dominant or THC dominant depending on your desired results.

Agri-Kind Product Reviews

Agri-Kind products are highly reviewed throughout our Zen Leaf Pennsylvania storefronts. If you are new to marijuana and looking for some advice regarding where to get started with Agri-Kind products, some of our highest-rated products can be found below.

Ice Cream Dream Liquid Sugar Cartridges

Ice Cream Dream Liquid Sugar Cartridges are filled with an indica strain that has flavors of sweet vanilla. These carts are highly rated by patients to help them ease their mind, feel relaxed, feel blissful, and get relief.

“This was my 1st experience with Agri-Kind and I enjoyed the relaxing feel that turns to a sweet body buzz as you drift to sleep. I found it helpful for insomnia, anxiety, and pain. I recommend it.”

Venom OG Flower

Venom OG is a hybrid flower strain that is indica dominant and highly rated by patients. Its aroma of lemon, skunk, pine, and diesel and distinctive orange hairs are easily recognizable by enthusiasts. Patients report immediately feeling a deep sense of relaxation and being able to sleep better at night. In addition, this strain can help with calming a chaotic mind and helping to ease pain.

“I experienced a strong body high and was in a very relaxed mood. The onset of effects was almost immediate and very potent. The effects lasted for more than 2 hours. I was able to fall into a deep and rejuvenating sleep. I liked this strain and will definitely purchase it again.”

Rainmaker Liquid Sugar Cartridge

Rainmaker is an indica-forward strain and, as such, Rainmaker Liquid Sugar Cartridges are highly reviewed for their ability to help patients relax, ease their minds, and get relief. Patients report a fruity and sweet taste and sense of euphoria when utilizing Rainmaker.

“Nice rainy day late pm strain. Really nice taste and indica leaning buzz.”

Pretty Wicked Flower

Pretty Wicked is a very highly rated hybrid flower strain that is also available in a cartridge. Patients have said this strain helps ease pain and produces calming sensations that can help with fits of anxiety.

“This is one of my favorite flower [strains], highly recommended. For me, it gives a nice high that still allows you to have a good time and do day-to-day things.”

Philly Special RSO

Formatted as a THC-heavy RSO, this Philly Special product is crafted from an indica strain that patients say provides a nice, citrusy flavor. This strain helps patients relax after a long day and has even helped with nausea, insomnia, and stomach pain. Philly Special is also available as a hybrid flower or a cartridge and is said to produce similar relaxing and calming results among multiple patients.

“Definitely recommend. I don’t usually respond well to RSO and always end up needing a lot. I started small to see how I did with this and it came in swiftly and just relaxed my mind and body. Was really able to enjoy hanging out and then slept the whole night.”

Shop Agri-Kind at Zen Leaf Retail Medical Marijuana Stores in PA

Agri-Kind products are sold at all Zen Leaf dispensaries in Pennsylvania. With products by our parent brand, Verano, Encore Edibles, as well as Agri-Kind and more, Zen Leaf takes extreme care to provide the safest and cleanest medical marijuana products in the state. Whether you are a new or returning medical marijuana patient, check out our wide range of products that can help you with any of the numerous mental and physical health issues you may be experiencing.

Visit Retail Cannabis Stores in PA to Shop for Agri Kind Products


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