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This entry was posted in Culture on November 25th 2019 by Danyal Swan

Tips for Using Medical Marijuana Responsibly in a Family Home

Medical marijuana is fully legal in 36 states in America, thanks to legislation and education. Patients and consumers now have access to marijuana for medicinal purpose in more than half the country, including Arizona, Illinois, Maryland and more. With the appropriate paperwork and accreditation, you can purchase your prescribed supply of medical marijuana from dispensaries in Chandler, Tucson, or any major city in Arizona, and likewise the smallest towns in Maryland.

However, marijuana is still a controlled substance and requires that you use it responsibly. This goes double when you’re using it at home, especially if you live with your family or if you have children.

Treat it Like Other Prescribed Medication

medical marijuana

The first thing you should keep in mind is that marijuana is just like any other prescription drug. Your supply may be medicinal, but that doesn’t mean they’re harmless, especially to your children.

When you use medical marijuana at home, apply the following practices to ensure your family’s safety and well-being:

  • Store your supply of marijuana in clearly labeled and secure containers. Medication lock boxes ward away curious children and could discourage more determined individuals from using your supply. If you take your marijuana in edible form, consider getting fridge lockers.
  • Find out-of-reach or secure places to store your supply. Don’t just leave your supply of marijuana in a cabinet or your bedside table, put it in an overhead closet or wardrobe, preferably one you can lock.
  • When you medicate, make sure an adult who is not medicated is present to watch over you and your family. This provides you with someone capable of helping you in case of an emergency or similarly distressing situation.
  • Keep detailed notes of all the precautions you’ve implemented, so you can inform other people like babysitters or the authorities when it’s necessary.

If you have children or share a home with children, you should take more precautions to prevent any misuse or misappropriation of your supply that could lead to legal or medical emergencies.

Protect Your Children

Protect Children

The first step to protecting your children from misusing your supply of medical marijuana accidentally or deliberately is to talk to them about it.

Depending on how old your child is, find an age-appropriate way to start a conversation. Your goal is to start a dialogue with your child, not a lecture. As such, welcome any questions they may have about your marijuana usage and ask them questions in turn.

Some questions you may want to prepare for include:

  • Why do you use marijuana?
  • Why can’t they use it or have some?
  • What does marijuana do?
  • Do other people use marijuana?
  • Is using marijuana bad?

Provide as much information as you can to help your child understand your situation. Two of the biggest points you have to make them realize are why they shouldn’t tamper with your supply and why you’re using medical marijuana in the first place.

Marijuana, for all its medicinal properties, is still a controlled substance. When keeping it around the house, you need to exercise every precaution to keep you and your family safe from any potentially hazardous situations.

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