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Get Active for and Recover from Workouts with These Cannabis Products

By Danyal Swan January 22, 2024
Cannabis for Workouts and Recovery

Are you aiming to ramp up your fitness routine as part of your New Year's goals? For many, especially those who aren't regular gym enthusiasts, the discomfort that follows a workout can be a deterrent. But here's some good news: cannabis might be the game-changer you're missing.

During exercise, our muscles undergo minor tears, which, contrary to what it might seem, is beneficial. This process is crucial for muscle growth and strength development. The soreness you feel afterward is due to an inflammatory response in the body from these light tears. As you probably know by now, CBD has shown anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, while THC has shown pain-relieving.

A study published in the Journal of Cannabis Research this year sheds light on this. It investigated whether individuals who exercise and use cannabis found it helpful for their recovery. The findings were compelling, with 93% of participants reporting that CBD helped with their post-exercise recovery, and 87% saying the same for THC.

Interestingly, in both studies and surveys, cannabis has shown to improve the enjoyment of exercise.

Another study in the same field involved 49 participants who ran over 3 miles on two occasions – once without cannabis and once with it. The results? Those runs post-cannabis consumption showed fewer negative effects, heightened positive sensations, more profound feelings of tranquility and enjoyment, an enhanced runner's high, and reduced pain levels. And in a survey published in 2019, respondents who used cannabis with workouts reported more aerobic exercise per week than non-users, with half noting it increased their motivation to work out.

As we step into 2024, if you're considering ways to enhance your workout and recovery experiences, incorporating cannabis could be a valuable strategy to explore.

Marijuana Strains to Get Active or Recover

Whether you prefer cannabis as your pre-workout, or as a post-soak-and-toke, these flower strains are some of the best options:

(the) Essence B52 Bomber

A strain so nice, we had to name it twice in our New Year's posts. B52 Bomber is the uplifting cross of Durban Poison and Blue Dream, providing a boost of energy, happiness, and go-getter vibes. Trust us when we say this hybrid will have you flying high and jet-setting to the gym, or give the post-workout boost you need.

smokes smooth.. nice flavor.. provides just enuff energy for moving w/less pain.. this is not growing couch roots bud .. has a good ocimene kick . & that's 'zackly what this burner needz !

- Reviewer h****e

Available in Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Savvy The Soap

The Soap is a refreshing sativa-dominant cross of Animal Mints x Kush Mints that will leave you feeling squeaky clean. High levels of Farnesene - a terpene found in the skin of green apples - pull forward flavors of fruit and wood with a slight minty undertone. Anti-inflammatory properties and euphoric effects make The Soap a bright and balanced choice for any daytime consumer.

One of my favorite products whether it be small buds or large it gets the job done and gets it done right.

- Reviewer s****3, who added it provides energy and the urge to get active

Available in Arizona, Massachusetts, Nevada, and West Virginia.

Natural State Medicinals Sour Tangie

Get elevated with Natural State Medicinals Sour Tangie. A buzzy cross of East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie, this sativa brings the energy you need for that workout, complemented by flavors of citrus, diesel, and sweet orange.

One of the best for an early weekend day. Will get you up and doing house work and motivate you to finish projects you put off. Not recommended for evening smoking.

- Reviewer k****2

Available in Arkansas.

Redbud Roots Wuuberry

Soothe those next-day aches and sore muscles with Wuuberry from Redbud Roots. A hybrid cross of Short Blueberry and Blissful Wizard Mainline OG, the soothing effects and sweet fruit flavors will have you relaxing, no matter the number of flights you braved the day before.

This is my favorite from Redbud. From the pain management to the lung-filled smoke...Punch to the lungs with a great flavor. Recommended to those needing inflammation and pain relief.

- Redbud Roots reviewer Steve

Available in Michigan.

Cannabis Topicals for Workout Recovery

Recovery days can be rough. It's easy to throw on that extra 10 pounds on the squat rack in the moment, but a lot harder to walk up and down the stairs the day after (and the day after that!). Thankfully, marijuana topicals can help. Applied where you need them, these balms and lotions can provide relief for up to 8 hours, and are often incredibly hydrating to boot. Here are some of our favorites:

Avexia Pain Relief Balm

Avexia Pain Relief Balm is a multi-award-winning topical option. Infused with 100mg THC and 100mg CBD, hydrating jojoba, sunflower, peppermint and more oils, this beeswax-based topical provides intense hydration in addition to localized pain relief. Our favorite part, besides the fact that a little goes a long way? The inclusion of soothing menthol, which helps to soothe achey joints and muscles immediately while you await the THC and CBD to work their magic. Pro tip 1: try applying post-shower while pores are open for quick absorption. Pro tip 2: apply to sore feet at night, then layer with a pair of cozy socks.

Yes! I love this product and always get a new jar before I run out. I use it for muscle pain and it’s amazing how fast it works.

- Reviewer c****9

Available in Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Nevada, and Ohio, and coming soon to Pennsylvania.

Avexia Pain Relief Lotion

If you prefer a lotion to an oily balm, Avexia has you and your aching muscles covered. Also infused with 100mg THC and 100mg CBD, this topical absorbs right into your skin for soothing benefits. Enhanced by vitamin E, ginger, cacao butter, and olive oil, your post-workout body will thank you for this one.

Is a great topical. Nice balance between THC and CBD. Relieve muscle/joint pain nicely. Dries quickly, leaving no greasy feeling.

- Reviewer t****h

Available in Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Nevada, and Ohio, and coming soon to Pennsylvania.

Natural State Medicinals 3:1 Full Spectrum Topical

Kiss post-workout inflammation goodbye with this ratio of 3:1 CBD to THC. Terpenes, 300mg CBD, and 100mg THC coalesce to soothing relief with this Natural State Medicinals lotion.

Works very well for muscles and inflammation, works best when pores are opened after shower.

- Reviewer r****9

Available in Arkansas.

CTPharma Mend 1:1 Cooling Body Balm

Deeply hydrating and pain relieving, CTPharma Mend 1:1 Cooling Body Balm has a cult following in Connecticut. Infused with 100mg THC, 100mg CBD, and soothing spearmint, this topical smells as wonderful as it feels.

This product is great for muscle aches, and joint pain...Very strong, smells great, and it works!!!

- Reviewer r****1

Available in Connecticut.

Redbud Roots Cool Breeze Lotion

Quick-absorbing and moisturizing, Redbud Roots Cool Breeze is infused with menthol to ensure quick relief while THC absorbs to do its work. As it's a topical, the cannabinoid will penetrate in the upper layers of your skin, providing no head high, just highly potent, localized pain relief.

Available in Michigan.

Marijuana Edibles to Get Active or Recover

We love the long-lasting effects of edibles. They can provide relief post-workout, or, if timed correctly, turn that daily run into miles of fun. We've rounded up Zen customer favorites, whichever route you like to take with your edible and workout routine:

Bits Guava Go

For the go-to for any go-getter who welcomes a Bit of joy into everyday life. Guava Go sativa Bits call on THC, coffee fruit, and guarana for a natural boost, powering productivity for whatever the day throws your way. This low dose will keep you focused and motivated at the gym, no matter the length of your sesh.

Great day time product gives energy to do household chores, yard work and dog walks.

- Reviewer a****4

Available in Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Ohio.

Encore Concord Grape RSO Gummies

When you want full-body relief from an edible, turn to Encore RSO Gummies. Infused with a suite of curated terpenes for soothing effects, these gummies will make the aches from yesterday's workout a memory of the past. This option is great for after work workouts, calming those endorphins for a night of sweet sleep.

Love this product. After a long day of work, this helps with my pain and inflammation, and then helps me relax and get ready for bed.

- Reviewer k****3

Available in Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Ohio, and in Pennsylvania as Verano Sweet RSO Troches.

Good Day Farm Balance 1:1 Pink Pomegranate Gummies

Tart, sweet pomegranate, melded with anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety CBD and pain-relieving THC. Good Day Farm Balance 1:1 Pink Pomegranate Gummies are the whole package, infused with 10mg of each cannabinoid per piece. In addition to the delightful flavor, patients rave about the edibles' ability to help manage pain, encourage feelings of relaxation, and provide an overall sense of relief, perfect for that post-workout recovery.

This is a perfect balance gummy to get through the day. Pain and anxiety it calmed me enough to get through my day.

- Reviewer i****5

Available in Arkansas.

Camino Uplifting Pineapple Habanero Gummies

Crafted with a terpene profile – including alpha-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool – targeted to provide energy-boosting effects, these Camino gummies are the ideal low-dose option, inspired by the desert. Juicy pineapple with a touch of habanero heat provides a kick you won't soon forget.

This gummies has a great taste and unique combination of flavors. True to it's sativa lineage providing a much needed pick me up or burst of energy in the convenient dosage that won't effect you too much. Highly recommend!!

- Reviewer b****y, who added the edibles helped them get active and stimulated their mind

Available in Michigan.

Find the Cannabis You Need for Workouts and Recovery at Zen Leaf

Shop Cannabis for Workout and Recovery at Zen Leaf

Whether you need a little help getting into your workout or extra relief in recovering, cannabis may help. Outside of our favorites listed here, there are countless options at your local Zen Leaf – options that suit all consumption, flavor, and effect preferences. Shop online now or in-stores with your favorite Cannabis Advisors to kick your workout and recovery into high gear!


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Digital Content Manager for MÜV Florida and Zen Leaf Dispensaries. A cannabis connoisseur with a passion for explaining the miraculous possibility of the plant, Swan began her journey with cannabis as a recreational user and quickly realized its positive impact on her depression and severe anxiety. She joined the cannabis industry as Receptionist and MedTender and witnessed first-hand the immense potential of the plant for a wide variety of ailments, deepening her passion for alternative medicine. Swan is dedicated to self-education on the plant and sharing its potential with all. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

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