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Zen Leaf Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Zen Leaf Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer comprises over 10% of all cancer diagnoses thus far in 2021. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time for increased thought and action. Every dollar donated goes toward finding an eventual cure.

October is a great time to increase general awareness. Some organizations, like the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation, are committed year round. But, they could use help.

Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation

Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation
Image credit: lynnsage.org

Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation (LSBCF) was established in honor of Lynn Sage. LSBCF has raised over $40 million since 1985, with funds going towards cancer research and education.

Early detection is crucial and warrants further research. Without research support, options such as Tamoxifen (considered “the standard of care treatment” for hormone-receptor positive breast cancer) would not be possible for today’s patients.

However, LSBCF’s support goes beyond research and education. The Lynn Sage Comprehensive Breast Center, the largest of its kind in the Midwest, opened in 1991. The center was recognized by the American College of Radiology for providing the highest-quality imaging, safety, and care.

Additionally, LSBCF is responsible for:

  • Oncology fellowships
  • Funding Northwestern Medicine
  • Funding the Breast Cancer Survivorship Program

And, this October, you can help them give with Save to Give.

Save To Give At A Zen Leaf Near You

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Zen Leaf is all-in in supporting the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation. Head on over to your local Zen Leaf dispensary, where a portion of proceeds in the month of October directly benefits the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation.

Breast Cancer Statistics 2021

1 in every 8 women in the US develop invasive breast cancer. That’s an estimated 281,550 new cases in 2021. And, this cancer is not biased. Over 2,500 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021.

Death rates have been steady for women under 50 years of age. However, the overall death rate from breast cancer decreased from 2013 to 2018. Advances in treatment and early detection through regular screenings contribute.

Aside from those related to lung cancer, breast cancer death rates are the highest amongst US women. This year, breast cancer will comprise 30% of newly diagnosed cases. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form amongst American women.

But, it’s not a national issue. It’s a global one. Breast cancer became the most common cancer (globally) in 2021. It accounts for 12% of all new annual cancer cases.

Funding Breast Cancer Research

The Lynn Sage Scholars are gifted researchers who are devoted to groundbreaking projects regarding breast cancer treatment and cures. The foundation awards $200,000 to scholars over a two-year period so that they may pursue their individual breast cancer projects.

Ultimately, the projects will be made into a larger effort, and along with governmental support, may translate to better treatment and an eventual cure.

Dr. Zhe Ji is an assistant professor at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. Ji is studying breast cancer progression using genomic sequencing and computational modeling. His team’s goal is to reveal groundbreaking methods of individualized treatment. He received his doctorate in computational genomics from Rutgers University in addition to attending post-grad studies at Harvard and MIT.

Elizabeth Hibler is studying biological links between behavior and breast cancer risk. Looking at things such as physical activity and diet, she hopes to improve prevention programs among those who are at a higher risk. Dr. Hibler is specifically analyzing breast density since a higher density can sometimes inhibit doctors from seeing tumors on routine mammograms. Dr. Hibler’s education entails the University of Michigan, University of Arizona, and Vanderbilt University, focusing on lab-based molecular techniques.

Fellowship Programs

breast cancer awareness

The Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation supports special training. After specialized training, many doctors go on to be globally-recognized leaders regarding breast cancer research. Support of the program ensures that the brightest in the nation have access to top training and equipment.

The Breast Surgery Fellowship devotes resources toward imaging and techniques. The fellowship enhances basic knowledge of breast disease. Residents of the program gain advanced knowledge and skill in treating breast disease. This leads to leadership roles regarding the realms of education and the field of research.

The Breast Imaging Fellowship involves training in mammography, ultrasound, and image-guided techniques.

The Hematology/Oncology Fellowship program develops candidates to become the next leaders of breast cancer research.

The Pathology Fellowship provides training in diagnostic breast pathology. The candidate participates in the evaluation and diagnosis of breast specimens, inter-departmental conferences, and clinical services of the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Center.

A donation to the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation creates a ripple effect that influences the lives of many diagnosed with breast cancer along with scholars with the aspirations to improve upon available remedies and ultimately end breast cancer forever. It starts with awareness. And, donations spread and strengthen awareness.