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Verano Cannabis Brands

This entry was posted in Medical Cannabis on June 30th 2022 by Danyal Swan

Meet Our Parent Brand: Verano

At Zen Leaf, we take great pride in exploring new, quality cannabis products while educating consumers on the endless possibilities of one of the most useful plants on the planet. We do this with the help of our parent brand, Verano–a leader in pushing the boundaries set upon us by decades of cannabis misinformation to craft a fresh look at what cannabis can do for the world. Zen Leaf is more than proud to be a part of the Verano brand family and extend our expertly cultivated cannabis products across the U.S.

Who Is Verano?

Verano is a cannabis brand unlike any other. Dedicated to passionate exploration, premium strain quality, and compassionate care, Verano has spent years cultivating the industry’s most innovative cannabis products. But, don’t be fooled that innovation eliminates authenticity–Verano believes strongly in the beauty of simplicity. That’s why all Verano products begin with 100% high-quality cannabis flower. To that point, Verano owns 12 sustainable cultivating facilities where we grow and perfect an ever-increasing variety of cannabis strains..

This belief means Verano strives to find a way to make the cannabis industry work for everyone–and we spend countless hours educating the public on the endless possibilities of the plant. Destigmatizing the stereotypes around cannabis that have been perpetuated for decades, Verano works to emphasize the many ways cannabis can be used to benefit our society. Whether you’re searching for a strain to soothe a mental health complication, a product to alleviate physical health symptoms, or a cannabis ritual to elevate your mood, we say YES. Verano cannabis can meet you where you’re at.

The Verano Retail Stores And Cannabis Product Brands

Zen Leaf is far from the only Verano retail brand–our parent company is the parent of a variety of retail dispensaries and cannabis brands throughout the U.S. Our founders were humbled by the possibilities of the plant and have worked with great enthusiasm to create a truly astounding range of products, and dispensaries to help people access them. Verano has dispensaries located in many states across the country, from Michigan to Arizona to West Virginia, and more. All share Verano’s lofty goal of opening doors to the cannabis industry, and all affiliated products and retail dispensaries continue our mission – to spread the good news of cannabis.

Verano Retail Dispensaries

The Verano corporate brand has two uniquely branded retail dispensaries available in a location near you.

Zen Leaf

Zen Leaf Retail Dispensaries

Here at Zen Leaf, we take the care and boundless enthusiasm exhibited by Verano and incorporate it into everything we do. We take care to educate our consumers on the possibilities of cannabis while sharing high-quality, innovative products to suit their unique needs in new ways. We have locations in Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia—all of which are staffed with cannabis advisors and other experts who are ready to help you find the perfect set of cannabis products to fit your needs.


MÜV Florida Retail Dispensaries

For Florida patients, if you’re seeking medical solutions from cannabis enthusiasts, those who believe fully in the plant as medicine, MÜV is the dispensary for you.

MÜV Medical Cannabis Dispensaries and cannabis-infused products are the fruition of what was once just an idea: that everyone deserves access to cannabis.

The plant holds untold potential in easing a variety of ailments, potential that cannot be uncovered without constant exploration. Research and development are at the heart of MÜV for this reason. Our research and development team is led by scientists, allowing for continual innovation of alternative cannabis as medicine, including patented transdermal application options.

From our corporate staff to cultivation and dispensary, our team stays current on research to remain an educated resource on the plant and its compounds, including terpenes and minor cannabinoids.

As a member of the Verano family, our resources have expanded tenfold to further the MÜV goal – to provide the best cannabis and cannabis-infused products to Florida’s medical marijuana patients.

Verano Cannabis Brands

Verano’s calling, to offer truly excellent flower, has now blossomed into a five full brand lines that lead the cannabis market. All brands feature products cultivated with the care and quality control all Verano companies prioritize.

The Verano Cannabis Product Line

This line of products was created to represent Verano’s namesake brand. Each product is carefully curated to provide a unique cannabis experience for the discerning cannabis user. From a variety of vaporizer cartridges to simply spectacular flower, Verano offers high quality cannabis products made from premium cannabis strains.

Verano Reserve Wedding Cake Cannabis Strain

Verano’s premium Wedding Cake flower is one of our best-selling products by far. The strain Wedding Cake is an already well-known indica-prominent hybrid that is loved by cannabis users across the country, and Verano has developed a rigorous set of cultivation guidelines to ensure the Wedding Cake strain will produce the most potent effects. Aside from the relief and euphoria that led so many people to love it in the first place, Verano’s Wedding Cake flower exudes a unique vanilla frosting aroma. Be sure to add this tasty, effective flower to your list.

Verano Reserve Wedding Cake

Verano Reserve Strain-Specific Vape Carts

Vaping has become one of the most popular–not to mention convenient–ways of consuming cannabis. With this in mind, Verano set out to create the perfect vaporizer cartridge, chock full of premium cannabis producing the potent effects specific to the strain of your choice. As a result of much dedicated effort, Verano Reserve strain-specific vape carts are a top-tier Verano-branded product. Using oil derived from only our Reserve strains of flower, Verano is proud to offer cartridges in a variety of these strains.

Verano Reserve Strain-Specific Vape Carts

Verano Swift Lifts Cannabis Pre-rolls

Pre-rolls are a once-underrated item that are now among Verano’s most popular products. With premium flower expertly pre-packed into organic cones, Verano’s Swift Lifts Cannabis Pre-Rolls make the perfect purchase for any cannabis user looking for a product that’s ready-to-smoke. The best part? Verano offers these convenient pre-roll joint packs in a variety of desirable strains. Each pack comes with five 0.5-gram pre-rolls.

Essence Cannabis Product Line

Essence is a high-quality line of cannabis products curated by Verano. All cannabis products from the Essence line are derived from classic strains you have come to know and love, offered at a more accessible price point. Each strain is cultivated in-house with extended cure times and includes products like flower, pre-rolls, vapes, and extracts.

Bruce Banner #3 Strain

The fan favorite strain Bruce Banner #3 is a well-suited strain for day-time use, as users have reported feelings of pain relief and mental clarity with an added benefit of boosted energy. Known as one of the most potent strains in the market, the powerhouse cultivar is a cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, and is available as flower in smalls, GRND, Swift Lifts, and Stix.

Essence Strain Specific Extracts

Classic strains have been crafted into a modern form of consuming cannabis – extracts. Strains like G Purps and Gelato are processed into high terpene, full spectrum raw wax and badder extracts. Experience a powerful pre-roll with Essence’s infused versions – Iced Swift Lifts and Dynamite Stix.

Essence Strain Specific Vape Carts

As one of the most convenient ways to consume cannabis, vape carts are a popular choice for many users. Essence’s strain specific vape carts are made from terpenes which can be cannabis or botanically derived. Available in a 300 mg all-in-one disposable pen or a 500 mg cartridge that is compatible with reusable batteries.

Avexia Cannabis Product Line

Avexia is a premium line of Verano cannabis products that has a unique focus on the dual power of THC and CBD. These products combine the power of both cannabinoids to create a full mind and body experience for users. Innovative Avexia products include topicals like balms and lotions as well as tablets that can be taken orally.

For cannabis products that will provide a whole new experience for the modern cannabis consumer, Avexia is the Verano brand for those looking for full-spectrum effects and relief alike. Some of the top Avexia brand cannabis products include:

Avexia Harmony Pain Relief Balm

If you’re looking for a cannabis product to provide pain relief, Avexia’s Harmony Pain Relief Balm could be just the miracle worker you’ve been waiting for. Combining the healing and relaxing powers of CBD and THC, Avexia’s Harmony Balm can help relieve aches and pains in minutes, with no psychoactivity and localized.

Avexia Harmony Pain Relief Balm

Avexia RSO Full Spectrum Syringe

When cannabis products contain THC and CBD molecules in addition to numerous terpenes and other cannabinoids, they are what the industry refers to as full spectrum products. These full spectrum products, like the Avexia RSO Full Spectrum Syringe, can be especially potent and exhibit powerful analgesic or other soothing qualities. This is because they create what is known as the entourage effect, a phenomenon where cannabinoids, terpenes, and other active compounds work synergistically together to work more effectively.

Avexia RSO Cannabis Oil

Avexia Harmony 1:1 CBD:THC

Avexia’s Harmony 1:1 CBD:THC Tablets combine CBD and THC to provide anxiolytic or anxiety reducing effects. With the addition of turmeric and carrot powder to assist with inflammation and provide antioxidants, you’ll receive much more than a dose of cannabinoids. In fact, these tablets are the perfect product for those looking to calm down during the day.

Avexia Harmony

MÜV Cannabis Product Line

MÜV is our sister brand and a vital component of the Verano family. Using premium cannabis cultivated at our Florida cultivation facility. MÜV creates medicinal products that can address a variety of needs. Here are some of the top MÜV brand cannabis products:

MÜV T1 Modified Grapes Flower

Modified Grapes is one of MÜV’s most popular strains. This flower hybrid is relatively new, and was created with the goal of combining the relaxing effects of an indica while providing the inspiration and motivation you often find in sativas. Learn more about Modified Grapes and add this strain to your cannabis wishlist.

MUV T1 Modified Grapes Flower

MÜV Plus Strain Specific Vape Carts

MÜV takes special pride in creating high-quality therapeutic products, and MÜV vape cartridges are no exception. With oil derived from premium Verano cannabis, MÜV Plus Vape Carts provide an impeccable experience for the vape connoisseur. These vape carts are available in multiple strains to satisfy any taste.

MÜV Plus Strain Specific Vape Carts

MÜV Premium Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls are perfect when you’re looking for a convenient way to smoke MÜV’s premium flower. MÜV offers Premium Cannabis 0.7g Pre-Rolls wrapped in all-natural paper and filled with top-tier cannabis at every location. Make sure to check out the variety of strains available at any MÜV dispensary.

MÜV Premium Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Encore Cannabis Product Line

Encore is a Verano branded product line that focuses on creating the best cannabis experience possible within the swiftly growing edibles market. High-quality cannabis and great flavors go hand in hand, and Encore makes top-quality, results-producing edibles a top priority. As a result, Encore has an edible for any enthusiast.

In fact, Encore edibles prove that delicious taste and potent, long-lasting effects should set the standard for cannabis consumables.

Top Encore brand cannabis products include:

Encore Strawberry Sativa Gummies

Looking for something that tastes great while providing that delightful buzz you’ve come to expect from Verano products? Encore’s Strawberry Sativa Gummies are one of the brand’s best-selling products, and the taste and sensation are simply unbeatable. With fruity strawberry flavors and potent effects that can last for hours, Encore’s strawberry gummies are the perfect choice for newbies and experts alike.

Encore Strawberry Sativa Gummies

Encore Wintermint Mints

Encore’s Wintermint Mints offer a new experience for many cannabis users. Unlike soft chews or baked goods, mints are a quick, easy way to consume cannabis discreetly. They also don’t harbor the same, intense cannabis flavors you’ll find in many other edibles. Instead, Wintermint Mints feature a crisp, minty taste. Use them as a sleep aid or while you’re on the go.

Encore Espresso Caramels

Encore’s Espresso Caramels provide users with a delicious and unique cannabis experience. You may know that edibles, unlike flower, slightly delay the onset of the desired effects because they must first travel through your digestive system. However, since these caramels are creamy (fats help move along the experience) and dosed at 10mg per piece, you’ll be able to manage your high and enjoy the effects in no time.

Encore Espresso Caramels

AGRI-KIND Cannabis Product Line

AGRI-KIND is a cannabis product line curated by Verano, that prioritizes the possibilities of cannabis as medicine. This work to create and investigate the various therapeutic uses of cannabis is aimed at providing targeted symptom relief for medical cannabis patients. It’s important to note that this brand is only available for purchase in Pennsylvania at this time.

AGRI-KIND prioritizes careful, consistent research, product efficacy, and client well-being in everything we create.

Some of the top AGRI-KIND brand cannabis products include:

AGRI-KIND Jack Herer Flower

Named after the well-known author, Jack Herer is a strain of cannabis loved by many. Its prominent sativa powers help to motivate and inspire while also creating feelings of euphoria. With delicious herbal and fruity flavors, AGRI-KIND’s Jack Herer Flower provides a delightful taste and potent high that many people count among their favorite cannabis experiences.

AGRI-KIND Jack Herer Flower

AGRI-KIND Sweet Chem Vape Carts

AGRI-KIND focuses on creating products that can provide people with precision-targeted relief. With that in mind, the brand’s high-quality vape carts are capable of producing potent effects that target specific symptoms. This Sweet Chem Vape Cart features an indica strain known to help with anxiety and relaxation.

AGRI-KIND Sweet Chem Vape Carts

AGRI-KIND Peach Juice Sugar Sauce

Sugar sauce, wax, and shatter are all unique forms of concentrated THC and CBD. AGRI-KIND is proud to offer a variety of concentrated THC products known to provide intense effects and relief for those who use them. The Peach Juice strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that boosts creativity and focus while giving hints of euphoria and relaxation.

AGRI-KIND Peach Juice Sugar Sauce

Verano Product FAQs

Verano prioritizes care, compassion, innovation, and education in the cannabis industry, creating products you can trust as well as new ways to address the concerns you have with your mind and body. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Verano brand family and our unique products.

Who Makes Verano Cannabis?

The Verano Corporate Brand carries a namesake cannabis product line, also called Verano. This brand is grown exclusively by Verano in one of 12 sustainable cultivation facilities designed to curate the best cannabis possible. All Verano brand cannabis is sourced from our own facilities.

What Is A Verano Strain?

A Verano strain is a strain of cannabis that has been carefully cultivated by Verano’s reputable cannabis experts. Each plant is grown in a state-of-the-art local facility with a unique climate similar to the particular region it resides within. Over the years, Verano experts have cultivated and created over 150 individual strains to serve as the basis for our flower and cannabis product lines. This way, Verano can ensure each strain we produce is of premium quality, organic, and supremely effective at delivering its verified effects. Variety is key!

Where Can I Buy Verano Products?

A full selection of Verano cannabis products can be purchased at any Zen Leaf Cannabis Dispensary around the country. In addition, Verano Reserve and MÜV products are available in MÜV Dispensaries in the state of Florida. Find a Zen Leaf Dispensary near you today.

Verano: A Fresh Vision for Cannabis

A Fresh Vision for Cannabis

Zen Leaf is beyond proud to be a part of the Verano brand family, and we are thrilled to anticipate what’s in store for the future of cannabis. Whether you’re searching for premium medical-grade cannabis to provide you with much-needed relief or wish to access the full effects of premium adult-use cannabis, we’re here to help you learn more about what cannabis can do for you. Simply select your preferred Zen Leaf dispensary, reach out to our qualified Cannabis Advisors and join us in saying YES to the evolution of cannabis.