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Cannabis Terminology Deep Dive: Hashish

By Brittiany Ralls April 27, 2023

The language we employ can wield tremendous influence in shaping our view of the world. Our selection of words and their application is frequently indicative of our attitudes and convictions. A pertinent illustration of this is the perception of the cannabis plant, which, despite its numerous therapeutic properties and capacity to generate positivity and serenity, has been disparaged for decades. We want to explore this issue with you and take a deep dive into the cannabis terminology we all use on a day-to-day basis.

As our first deep dive, we're going to look at of the most intriguing and long-lasting words in the cannabis lexicon, "hashish," more commonly referred to as hash. It's a word that evokes images of traditional cannabis concentrates and ideas of mystical experiences, sending your mind into a whole new world. But fear this experience not, my friend, for we are here to shed some light on the origins, meaning, and cultural significance of this word.

Grab your favorite strain, pack a bowl, and let's journey together through the history of "hashish." By the time we're done, you'll be able to impress your friends with your newfound knowledge and maybe even win a round of stoner trivia (with the help of our cannabis guide, of course).

First, let's blaze a trail of knowledge through the etymology of hashish and hash by starting with an introduction to the history of its use. Trust us, this is going to be highly informative!

A Brief History of Hashish Use

Hashish has been around for centuries and enjoyed by many cultures throughout history. From the ancient Egyptians to modern-day stoners, people have been eating or toking on this potent form of herb for a variety of reasons, from spiritual rituals to pain relief to just simple enjoyment of its effects:

  • 2000 BCE: The use of cannabis spreads to the Indian subcontinent, where it becomes an important part of Hindu religious practices.
  • 1000-200 BCE: Then, the use of hashish spread like wildfire across the Middle East and North Africa. Everyone was using it for spiritual and religious purposes, as well as for good old-fashioned recreational use.
  • 700-1700 CE: The Islamic Golden Age sees the development of hashish culture in the Middle East, with hashish dens becoming popular gathering places for intellectuals and artists.
  • 19th century: Hashish becomes popular among artists and intellectuals in Europe and the Americas, including Charles Baudelaire and Alexandre Dumas.
  • 20th century: Hashish becomes a target of drug prohibition laws in many countries. The United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, signed in 1961, includes hashish on its list of controlled substances.
  • 21st century: Hashish is making a comeback! Though cannabis in general is still illegal in many countries, those that are taking steps to regulate are seeing a spike in demand for this old-school way of consuming cannabis.

The next time you light up a bowl of hash, remember that you're participating in a long and storied tradition that dates back thousands of years!

What is the Definition of Hashish? And How is it Made?

So, you want to know what the good old folks over at Merriam-Webster have to say about "hashish," huh? Well, according to those dictionary wizards, hashish, pronounced ˈhaSHēSH, is:

concentrated resin from the flowering tops of female hemp plants (Cannabis sativa or C. indica) that are smoked, chewed, or drunk for its intoxicating effect.

If that seems a little too formal, we’re on the same page. To us, hashish is:

a collection of cannabis trichomes, the precious, resinous glands where the majority of cannabinoids and terpenes are produced, where light heat is applied to create a concentrated brick of solventless cannabis extract

How’s that for a definition?

Now, in ancient times, hash was created by rubbing cannabis flower between your fingers - if you’ve ever broken up an especially frosty nug and rubbed your fingers together to ball up the leftover trichs, you’ll have an idea of the feeling. The important piece of hand-rolling was the heat applied - the simple action of rolling applied friction and body heat, allowing the trichomes to coalesce into a brick of beauty.

Today, trichomes are collected with refinement in mind. The trichomes are refined via dry sift, where cannabis bud is shaken on a series of mesh screens decreasing in micron size to isolate just the potent head, or ice water extraction, where cannabis bud is jostled in a series of bags amongst ice water which allows the trichs to easily break off without bringing excess plant matter.

Now that we know how we define hashish today, let’s talk about the etymology of this fascinating word.

When Was the Word Hashish First Recorded?

Hashish is a word that originally comes from Arabic, specifically from the word "hashīsh" which means "powdered hemp," or "dried herb." The cannabis form was written in the series of stories 1001 Arabian Nights, written in the mid-700s CE, though first recorded use in English wasn’t until 1598, where hashish was recorded in a traveler’s report in Egypt. It didn't become common in English language until the 19th century.

Whether you're a fan of cannabis or a logophile (someone who loves learning new, rare, or obscure words), hashish is a pretty cool word with an intriguing, storied history.

Hashish in Other Languages

It's pretty wild to think about how many words in different languages have common roots! Many of the languages we speak today evolved from ancient languages like Greek, Latin, and Sanskrit, which means that there are lots of similarities between them. For example, the word "hashish" is surprisingly similar in English, German, Egyptian, and even Japanese! This is because the word originally came from Arabic, and it spread to different parts of the world along with trade and cultural exchange. It's kind of like a linguistic game of telephone! Here are some examples of hashish in other languages:

  • Czech: hašiš
  • Finnish: hasista
  • German: haschisch
  • Greek: χασίσι
  • Hawaiian: hashish
  • Japanese: ハシシ (hashishi)
  • Korean: 해시시 (haesisi)
  • Mandarin: 管制毒品 (guǎnzhì dúpǐn)
  • Portuguese: haxixe
  • Russian: гашиш (gashish)
  • Sanskrit: चरस् (charas)
  • Spanish: hachís
  • Swedish: hasch
  • Vietnamese: băm

In addition to other languages, there’s the internal cannabis code to brush up on.

Slang Terms and Synonyms for Hashish

When it comes to cannabis, there's a whole universe of slang terms and synonyms out there, and specific types of cannabis like hashish are no different.

So, why do we use various words to talk about the same thing? Well, sometimes it's just a matter of personal preference or regional dialect. Other times, it's a way to keep things on the down low (you never know who might be listening!). And let's be real - it's just fun to come up with ridiculous nicknames. Whatever the reason, it's always good to have a solid grasp of cannabis lingo if you want to stay in the loop. If you ever find yourself scratching your head over a particularly obscure term, remember – we have a glossary of cannabis terms to help you out.

Add a few different versions of hash to your vocab by starting with these:

  • Afghan black
  • banj
  • black hash
  • charas
  • dabs
  • fudge
  • ganja
  • hash
  • haschisch
  • Lebanese gold

Hash it Out With Verano Solventless

Verano Solventless Extracts
Solventless Concentrates - Hash

Well, well, well, look who's keeping up with the cannabis extract game? That's right, Verano! Using the ice water extraction method to isolate trichomes, Verano has dedicated an entire line of solventless concentrates that would make hashmakers of old from around the world proud, available exclusively in Illinois and coming soon to a dispensary near you. These bad boys are full-spectrum and true to the taste of flower for the ultimate dabbing experience. Whether you're a temple ball kind of person, a hash aficionado, or a vaping enthusiast, there’s something t something that'll tickle your fancy. So come on, and let's continue this hash journey!

Temple Balls

Did you know that temple balls are the OG of cannabis? We're talking ancient traditions that go way back in the day like we mentioned - thousands of years back. It all starts with trichomes, collected from dried and cured cannabis buds to create kief. Then, with a little heat and pressure, the kief is pressed to express THC and terpenes and gets a little hand manipulation for good measure. Then, bringing back those nostalgic feels, each temple ball is hand-rolled to perfection creating an outer shell that protects those precious terpenes and cannabinoids, keeping that true-to-flower experience alive and kicking. Whether you want to smoke it, vaporize it, dab it, or eat it, Verano Temple Balls are a great choice for a variety of ways to consume it.

Live Rosin Coin

The Verano Live Rosin Coin is the real deal of golden full-plant goodness, shaped just like a little piece of treasure just for you. Using fresh-frozen flower to create this full-spectrum extract that's packed to the brim with terpenes, each coin is created with the intent to knock your socks off! These delectable dabs are crafted using an ice water bath, creating a hash that is then dried, heated, and pressed for a powerful dabbing sesh that leaves your lungs and taste buds dancing.

Live Rosin Badder

Verano Live Rosin Badder starts with live rosin is made by isolating the trichomes - those little crystals that are chock-full of THC and terpenes - through an ice water bath. Then, the trichomes are pressed to extract the desired oil. Then, Verano extraction wizards whip the oil to create a smooth, homogenous extract that's packed with all the good stuff. We're talking about a perfect blend of cannabinoids and terpenes that'll have your taste buds singing from one dab to the next.

Live Rosin Vape

Are you always on the move, but still want to get your dab on (compliantly, of course)? Then, look no further than Verano Live Rosin Vape Cartridges - they're the perfect solution for all you busy bees out there. What makes these cartridges so damn special is they are made using freshly harvested flower that's frozen to the bone to lock in all those sweet, sweet cannabinoids and terpenes. The oil is crafted via ice water extraction and heat and pressure - that's it - for the purest vape on the market.

Light Press Hash

For all you old-school cannabis concentrate fans, Verano crafted Light Press Hash! As another nod to the OG extracts, light press hash is made by sifting flower that has been dried and cured through mesh screens creating what is called a dry sift kief. Then, the kief is pressed using low heat and soft pressure to create beautiful blocks of light press hash, ranging in color from light sand to sandy-green. Trust your sense of nostalgia and let your next sesh have a sense of the good old days.

Full Melt Hash

Are you always looking for the best of the best? Then look no further! Full Melt Hash is crafted using an ice water bath to isolate the trichomes, then using heat and pressure, the beautiful hash is pressed into perfection. The best part about full melt hash (other than the obvious) is that it does what its name says - fully melts. Each dab you do will fully melt away for a clean hit and no residue left behind in your device every time.

Shop Hashish with Verano Solventless

Verano Solventless Extracts at Zen Leaf
Verano Solventless

There you have it! The history and etymology of "hashish," from its use in ancient religious practices to its modern-day resurgence in popularity, we've covered it all. If you want to learn more about hash and other forms of concentrates, head over to Extracts: A Powerful Form of Cannabis for even more insight.

Tired of learning and ready to give your mind a much-needed rest? Shop Verano Solventless concentrates at Zen Leaf Illinois!


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Content Writer for MÜV and Zen Leaf. Britt began exploring cannabis as a recreational user attempting to treat her migraines and depression. Finding success, she began to realize the many benefits of cannabis for a multitude of ailments. Her new-found knowledge prompted a move to Colorado, where she was able to medically treat her son with ADHD and aid her family in becoming healthier and happier. Realizing her passion for cannabis, she turned it into a career. Joining the industry as Medtender and moving into management gave Britt the knowledge needed to become a writer for a local cannabis culture magazine in Oklahoma and a leading voice in cannabis compliance.

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