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Maryland's approach to cannabis reflects a broader trend of shifting policies across the United States. With specific laws governing both medical and recreational use, understanding these regulations is essential for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of cannabis within the state. Whether for therapeutic purposes or personal use, staying informed ensures compliance and helps foster a safe and responsible cannabis culture in Maryland. 

Yes, medical cannabis is legal in Maryland. The state introduced its medical cannabis program following the passing of legislation in 2014, allowing individuals with qualifying medical conditions to access cannabis for therapeutic purposes. This landmark decision recognized the potential health benefits of cannabis and provided patients with an alternative means of treatment. 

Maryland Medical Cannabis Purchase & Possession Limits 

To regulate the medical cannabis program and ensure patient access is balanced with responsible use, Maryland has established specific purchase and possession limits. 

Medical Cannabis Purchase Limits in Maryland

Registered patients in Maryland's medical cannabis program are allowed to purchase up to 4 ounces (approximately 120 grams) of dried flower or 36 grams of THC content in other cannabis products within a 30-day period. This limit is designed to ensure patients have adequate access to their medication while preventing excessive accumulation. 

Medical Cannabis Possession Limits in Maryland

The possession limits for medical cannabis align with the purchase limits, permitting patients to possess up to 120 grams of flower or 36 grams of THC content from other cannabis forms at any given time. Patients must adhere to these limits to comply with state laws and avoid legal issues. 

Recreational cannabis use has been legalized in Maryland following the approval of a November 2022 ballot measure. This significant development allows adults 21 years and older to legally possess and use cannabis for recreational purposes, signaling a shift towards broader acceptance and regulation of cannabis. 

Maryland Recreational Cannabis Purchase & Possession Limits 

With the legalization of recreational cannabis, Maryland has set forth specific guidelines to govern purchase and possession by adults. 

Recreational Cannabis Purchase Limits in Maryland

Specific purchase limits for recreational cannabis in Maryland are to be determined by the state as the regulatory framework for recreational sales is developed. It's important for consumers to stay informed as these details become finalized. 

Recreational Cannabis Possession Limits in Maryland

Adults 21 and over are permitted to possess up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis flower, 12 grams of concentrated cannabis, or a cannabis product with up to 750 milligrams of THC. These possession limits serve to regulate personal use and ensure public safety. 

Where Can You Consume Marijuana in Maryland? 

In Maryland, cannabis consumption is restricted to private property away from public view. It remains illegal to consume cannabis in public spaces, including streets, parks, and while driving, reflecting an effort to minimize exposure to secondhand smoke and ensure public safety. 

What is the Tax Rate for Cannabis in Maryland? 

For medical cannabis, Maryland does not impose an additional tax beyond the standard state sales tax rate. The approach to taxing recreational cannabis is similar to alcohol with a 9% sales and use tax on all retail sales. 

Understanding Maryland Cannabis Laws 

Navigating Maryland's cannabis laws requires a clear understanding of the regulations surrounding both medical and recreational use. As the state progresses in developing its recreational cannabis market, staying informed on purchase and possession limits, consumption guidelines, and taxation is crucial. By adhering to these laws, Maryland residents and visitors can enjoy the benefits of cannabis within the confines of legal, safe, and responsible use. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Laws in Maryland

Learn more about the legalities around cannabis use in Maryland with these common questions other consumers have asked.

**Disclaimer:** Our mission is to provide accurate and comprehensive information regarding Maryland's cannabis laws on our landing page. However, the cannabis regulatory landscape is dynamic and changes can occur rapidly, potentially leading to discrepancies or updates that may not be immediately reflected in our content. Therefore, we encourage all users to actively consult their local government websites or authorized state resources for the most current and official information on cannabis laws in Maryland. Staying informed through reliable sources is crucial for ensuring compliance with the latest regulations. We appreciate your understanding and commitment to responsible cannabis use and legal adherence.