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More About Caring Nature Dispensary

Caring Nature, a member of the Zen Leaf family, is a medical cannabis dispensary located in Waterbury, Connecticut.

We are dedicated to serving the local community and providing our customers with a better quality of life through access to cannabis. At Caring Nature, we strive to improve the health of our patients by sharing the science behind medical cannabis and a dedication to providing our patients with top quality products, strains, edibles, and educational materials.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zen Leaf Waterbury

Have a question about cannabis in Waterbury, CT? Find the answers below!

Caring Nature Dispensary became a member of the Zen Leaf family in late 2021. This partnership was born to bring more cannabis resources to Connecticut patients – from new brands, new products, a cannabis Rewards program, and more.

Landmarks near Caring Nature Waterbury include: Electrical Wholesalers Inc., AFAB Recycling Clothing Store, Highway Auto Body, Domar’s, Gary’s Auto Parts, and Carvel Ice Cream Shop.

From Aurora Street visitors will see a long building that is primarily a tan brick with light tan siding on the rest of the building. At the front of the building, viewable from the street is a long handicap ramp that has a black railing.

Our goal at Caring Nature is to offer the best possible dispensary experience. One of the many ways we achieve this goal is by running promotions on our wide variety of cannabis options. These deals are offered a few days at a time to ensure each category – like cannabis edibles, vapes and flower – are featured at great pricing. To ensure you have first eyes on specials, sign up for Zen Leaf email notifications. This will ensure you are always in the know and never miss out on a great deal!

Caring Nature by Zen Leaf is committed to giving back to the community. One way we do this is by offering discounts to veterans, caregivers, and other groups. To get the full details on all discounts, you can find a comprehensive list of discounts in our Discount Guide.

At Zen Leaf, we believe that cannabis should be affordable for all who choose to partake. To help make this a reality, we’ve created a cannabis Rewards app app that awards you points for each purchase you make. These points can be accumulated for exclusive discounts towards future purchases at any of our locations.

In addition, each dispensary runs specials and deals that are always changing. For the most up-to-date information on specials, subscribe to our emails!

While delivery is not an option from Caring Nature Waterbury, express pickup is! Reserve your cannabis products online for a grab-and-go shopping experience.

When you pick up your online order, you will need a valid, state-issued ID. That’s it! This ID will be used to verify your status as a medical cannabis patient in Connecticut.

Medical cannabis patients are eligible to purchase up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis per day, with a maximum of 3.5 ounces per rolling 30 days of purchases.

Caring Nature Waterbury offers a variety of cannabis options in many forms. These forms include:
– Flower, including pre-rolls
– Edibles in options like drink mixes, baked goods, teas, coffees, honey, and capsules
– Concentrates like RSO and shatter
– Sublinguals, like tinctures
– Topicals include lotions, creams, balms, and oils
– Vapes in 510 threaded cartridges, disposables, and pods

In Connecticut, all cannabis strains must be given a pharmaceutical-style name in order to be compliant with state regulations. This can be confusing for patients who are used to the more common names for strains, such as Strawberry Guava or Lion’s Mane. Thankfully, your Cannabis Advisors are expert guides to the effects of strains and can aid you in finding just what you need.

Ask your Cannabis Advisor! Our Advisors are incredibly well-versed in cannabis strains, products, and importantly, their effects. If Zen Leaf Waterbury is ever out of what you’re looking for, ask your Advisor.

Caring Nature Waterbury Dispensary offers a variety of brands for patients to choose from, which include:
-Advanced Grow Labs

And far more!

Ask your Cannabis Advisor! Our Advisors are incredibly well-versed in cannabis strains, products, and importantly, their effects. If Caring Nature Waterbury is ever out of what you’re looking for, ask your Advisor.

Caring Nature Waterbury Dispensary offers a variety of brands for patients to choose from, which include:
-Advanced Grow Labs

Waterbury is known as Brass City for the brass manufacturing that helped build it. Here’s a few local places that are at the top of must-see and must-do for Brass City locals and visitors alike:

Brass Works Brewing Co. What started in 2004 as a hobby with two brothers in their mom’s garage turned into a family business. Brass Works Brewing Co. is all about keeping it local and working with family. The family team has come up with a variety of brew options like Brass Nail, Brass Works Oktoberfest, and “Schweaty Peach.”

Mattatuck Museum. Founded in 1877, the Mattatuck Museum is an art and history museum seeking to enrich the Waterbury community with art collections that are inclusive and diverse in its representation. The museum is named in remembrance of the Indigenous Peoples who once occupied the land the museum now sits on. Representation is seen and felt through every facet of the Mattatuck Museum, an intentional, in the hopes of fostering the healing process that is needed for people of all kinds.

Brass City Raceway. Adrenaline-filled adventure with the philosophy of “No Speed Limits, Brass City Raceway is a go-kart track unlike any other, add ax-throwing and you got yourself an even better time. If ax-throwing and go-karts aren’t your thing, they also have an arcade and batting cages. Now, if you are a super competitive person, they have a leaderboard for the top 100 racers of the week – think you can beat a 27-second lap?

Brass City Bistro. Locals, Tom and Lisa, own Brass City Bistro which serves delicious dishes made with local ingredients. Tom has worked in the restaurant industry for over 40 years and loves creating and serving a menu completely created by him. With its “our home to yours” philosophy, Brass City Bistro is perfect when you want a truly local meal.

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