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Your Guide to 710 Day

By Danyal Swan June 29, 2023

As legalization and decriminalization spreads throughout the United States, so does cannabis culture. Today, even folks with no interest in using cannabis are well aware of the famed “420” holiday, and the air is filled with the aroma of celebration every April 20. As it turns out, 420 isn’t the only special holiday you should be marking on your cannabis calendar. In fact, the celebration may have gotten its start when a group of cannabis lovers felt that 420 flower power was becoming too mainstream.

Enter 710 Day, an emerging cannabis holiday dedicated specifically to the celebration of cannabis concentrates, extracts, and oils. We’ll hash out the exciting world of 710 and cover how to make the most of this special occasion. From the origins of 710 Day and how to celebrate on 710 to practical advice about awesome cannabis products to use in your festivities, we’ll touch on everything 710. So, grab your dab rigs and vape pens, and come along as we embark on a journey to explore the joys of 710.

A Brief History of 710 Day

710's big brother, 420, has a notoriously murky origin. You'll find several competing narratives describing when and why the number was first linked to cannabis culture. The most widely accepted story – and the only one backed by any real proof – links 420 to a time of day rather than a date, with 4:20 in the afternoon being the time at which a group of friends regularly met to smoke a joint after school. Regardless of its origins, 420 is known to have spread its roots in the counterculture movement of the 1970s.

710 Day emerged much more recently, alongside the rise of the highly potent cannabis concentrates and oils that are now staples of the retail adult-use cannabis market from coast to coast. In fact, the number "710" was chosen because it spells "OIL" when viewed upside down – try it on a calculator or in big capital letters for maximum effect. This fun bit of visual wordplay is what makes 710 Day (also called Oil Day or Dab Day) synonymous with cannabis extracts. In fact, this is the only known significance behind 710 as a number and date (July 10) for celebrating cannabis concentrates.

Like 420, there is some debate about the exact starting point of 710. One credible story links it to a group chat where hip-hop and cannabis aficionados wanted a new cannabis holiday due to 420 becoming just too mainstream. For their new holiday, they wanted a new focus and decided 710 would be a day to celebrate the powerful concentrates they loved using in their dab rigs.

Other urban myths around the holiday include:

  • Someone dropped their OIL cap upside down, and erroneously asked the mechanic what the 710 cap was for, leading to the discreet application of 710 to concentrates
  • The Grateful Dead, proponents and spreaders of the term 420, lived at 710 Asbury St, and the holiday was named in their honor

With its murky origins, it’s hard to define exactly when the first proper 710 Day was because, like 420, it probably began with a relatively small group of celebrants. The association of 710 with cannabis, and cannabis concentrates specifically, goes back to at least the early 2010s, as evidenced by Urban Dictionary entries and other online material. By 2013, there were already official 710 festivals and significant media coverage in major cities like Denver and Los Angeles.

710 Day quickly found a niche within the cannabis community among dab rig and vape pen lovers. Oil and concentrate enthusiasts eagerly spread the word via online platforms and social media. Over the last decade or so, 710 has evolved into a widely recognized celebration, uniting concentrate lovers around the world in celebration on July 10 each year. From its humble beginnings as an inside joke in a group chat to its status as one of the few prominent cannabis holidays, 710 Day continues to gather momentum. Today, the holiday is captivating the hearts and minds of those who cherish the powerful, concentrated essence of cannabis.

Appreciating Cannabis Concentrates and Oils: How to Celebrate 710

So, now that you know what it is, how do you truly embrace the spirit of 710 Day? Just as with cannabis use in general, a lot of that will be determined by your own personal style and desires. Having a great 710 Day is all about your own personal relationship with cannabis concentrates. The single best way to have a successful 710 is to relax, go as big or small as you’re comfortable with, and make the day your own.

Cannabis Concentrates and Oils

Let’s dive into the most important aspect of this holiday – the concentrates you’ll need to celebrate.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the types and textures of concentrates you’ll find at a Zen Leaf Dispensary near you:          

  • Shatter, a hard, flat, brittle concentrate that is opaque in color and shatters like glass when broken up. While it does not smell fragrant due to its 2D surface, shatter provides a robust flavor profile. Shatter can be dabbed or added to flower.
  • Crumble, crafted by melting down shatter and whipping it with intention, which allows air pockets to form. The result is a fluffy, texture that resembles a honeycomb. Its rounded shape allows it to smell more fragrant than shatter, but it has no more terpenes that it’s predecessor. Crumble can be dabbed or added to flower.
  • Badder, also crafted by melting down shatter, and is whipped much longer than crumble, until a smooth, creamy texture is formed. This option is incredibly fragrant, with an easy-to-manipulate, peanut butter-like texture. Badder can be dabbed or added to flower.
  • Live sugar, a BHO-extracted concentrate made from live, freshly frozen cannabis flower for maximum cannabinoid and terpene retention. Live sugar is a collection of micro-THCA crystals or diamonds, immersed in a terpene sauce for a potent, highly flavorful experience. Live sugar can be dabbed or added to flower.
  • Distillate, a liquid extract golden in hue, featuring high contents of THC. Distillate is often THC isolate, though sometimes includes strain-specific terpenes. This oil option can be dabbed, consumed directly or atop a snack, or even infused into homemade edibles.
  • RSO, a strain-specific full extract cannabis oil. Using room temperature ethanol, all of the plant compounds (including fats, lipids, chlorophyll, and more) are included in this potent option for truly therapeutic effects. RSO can be used topically or orally, either by consuming directly, adding atop a snack, or infusing into a homemade edible.
  • Kief or sand, a collection of cannabis trichomes, the frosty pieces of the plant that are the potent producers of cannabinoids and terpenes. Kief is most often added to cannabis flower to either smoke or be vaporized, though it also makes potent edibles.
  • Live rosin, crafted using fresh-frozen cannabis flower. The frozen flower is placed in an ice water bath and agitated to gently remove the plant’s trichomes. The trichomes are then refined through a series of mesh screens, dried, and pressed for a palpably potent, flavor-rich concentrate. Live rosin can be dabbed or added to flower.

And a special shoutout to cannabis vapes. While they are not what you may think of when you hear “concentrate,” the liquid golden oil in the cartridge itself is a concentrate. The more you know!

Cannabis Concentrates: Way Beyond Oil

While 710 is the magic number because it spells “OIL” upside down, this celebration really revolves around all sorts of cannabis concentrates, including old school hash oil, but also other popular forms like rosin, live resin, shatter, live badder (pictured above!), wax, crumble, and more.

We love Dab Day, but we also feel that to truly appreciate 710 and the various forms of concentrates the holiday celebrates, you need a thorough understanding of why this macrodose option is the preferred for many.

A Day to Dab

For many cannabis aficionados, the real highlight of 710 Day festivities is dabbing. Dabbing is a special style of vaporizing cannabis, which involves vaporizing the concentrate through a dab rig. A typical dab rig consists of metal or ceramic apparatus with a flat surface (the “nail” or “banger”), which is placed in a water pipe fundamentally similar to a bong, where you’d normally place the bowl. Instead of loading with flower, though, the banger is heated with a torch until red-hot, upon which the concentrate or oil is placed.

710 Day Concentrates | Live Sugar

If the surface of the nail is hot enough, placing a “dab” of high-potency cannabis concentrate upon it leads to instantaneous vaporization, which you can then inhale. Altogether, dabbing makes for one of the most intense cannabis use experiences possible. While dabbing may require some additional equipment and knowledge compared to, say, pressing a button on a vape pen, dab fanatics argue that the benefits – the initial rush and deep, intense psychoactive experience – make it worth the investment.

Here are some of our favorite things about dabbing:

Rapid Cannabinoid Absorption

Dabbing (and other methods of vaping) are among the fastest ways to introduce those precious cannabinoids, namely THC, into your system. Whether you seek immediate pain relief, instant relaxation, or just want to get the party started as fast as possible in a recreational state, dabbing cannabis oils and waxes will get you there quicker than nearly any other consumption method out there.

Maximum Potency

Concentrates are called concentrates for a very good reason. To create marijuana concentrates, the cannabinoids and terpenes are isolated…in a concentrated form. These high-potency extracts often boast upwards of 70% THC per gram, and measure at ~25mg THC per grain of rice-sized piece.

Less-Mess Consumption

Dabbing eliminates the need for papers and wraps, and you can also say goodbye to cleaning up stems and other plant matter every time you use cannabis. This results in a cleaner experience overall, both for your personal space and your body. With dabs, you’re inhaling the desired THC, CBD, and other compounds while eliminating some of the additional undesirable substances associated with traditional smoking.

Robust Flavor and Terpene Preservation

When pure potency isn’t your main concern, you might be interested to hear that concentrates have intense flavor profiles, just like effects. Low temp dabs are touted as some of the best ways to experience a strain, especially if it's live rosin you’re dabbing.

710 Buyers’ Guide: How to Choose Concentrates

So now let’s talk a bit about what exactly you’ll need to have an epic 710 Day. Whether you’re in a recreational market hosting a party with a concentrate buffet or just hitting the couch with your favorite movie and your nectar collector, Zen Leaf carries a full range of high-end dabbing and vaping products to make your 710 spirit come alive this July.

Here are some tips for finding the perfect 710 Day products.

Understand the Different Types of Concentrates and Extracts

Familiarize yourself with the various types of concentrates available in the market, such as shatter, wax, budder, live resin, rosin, and more. Each type has its own unique characteristics, flavors, and potency levels. Too, consistencies vary greatly, and one may feel easier to use to you.

Want more in-depth information on concentrates? Take a look at our Cannabis Concentrate Guide.

Consider Extraction Methods

There are many different ways to make a cannabis extract. From simple, alcohol-based tinctures that have been used for hundreds of years all the way up to high-potency dab oils, the various extraction methods used to create concentrated cannabis products will all impact the quality, purity, and texture of the concentrate. Today’s popular extraction methods include solvent-free extractions like butane extraction and CO2 extraction, where the solvents are purged after production is complete. You’ll also find solventless extraction products created with mechanical processes employing heat and pressure, so no chemical solvents are ever used. Research the extraction methods used by different brands so that you understand the differences and can better choose products that align with your preferences.

Seek Personal Recommendations

Don't hesitate to ask a Cannabis Advisor at your local Zen Leaf Dispensary for help if you're feeling overwhelmed by the number of options available. They can provide insights into patient- and consumer-favorites, as well as personal selections they may have tried and loved themselves.      

Remember to Consume Responsibly

Especially if you’re new to concentrates, start with a low dose and work your way up slowly. This will be true for any concentrate product. The quickest and surest way to spoil your 710 Day is to overdo it for no reason! A grain of rice-sized piece is ~25mg, start with half of that and gauge how you feel before dabbing any more.

Visit Zen Leaf Dispensary

For the best 710 Day experience, stop by your nearest Zen Leaf Dispensary. Our Cannabis Advisors are      ready to get your 710 Day party started by guiding you through our comprehensive selection of concentrates and oil cartridges. We’re here to provide you with all the information and equipment you’ll need to have the best 710 Day ever.

710 Celebration Tips

Now that you understand the significance of 710 Day and are well-informed for your trip to the dispensary, let’s wrap it up with a few more hot tips for celebrating your 710 Day in style.

Explore the World of Concentrates

Even if you’re a regular concentrate user, 710 Day offers the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons and try something outside of your wheelhouse. Center your 710 Day celebrations around an exploration of new cannabis concentrates and oils. From sticky, aromatic resin extracts to pure and potent cannabis distillates, there’s a wide range of options to suit every preference.

Upgrade Your Equipment

710 Day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself with an upgrade to your dab rig, terp pen, or vape. High-quality devices can really enhance your concentrate experience, whether you prefer a big dab hit through a water pipe system or a smooth and discreet draw on the vape pen. Investing in top-notch gear (and then taking care of it) ensures a smoother and more enjoyable session, hit after hit.

Extraction Methods Matter

Try to expand your concentrate horizons this 710 Day by experimenting with concentrates made through different extraction methods than the ones you’re used to. From butane hash oil (BHO) to ethanol extractions, each technique offers its own unique flavors and aromas.

Perfect Your Dabbing Technique

Temperature plays a major factor in dabbing. Depending on your selection, you may have dab robust in flavor, or one robust in vapor:

  • Low heat will often produce a dab that is high in flavor, low in vapor
  • Medium heat will often be a dab with medium in flavor, medium in vapor
  • High heat is most often a lower flavor profile, as volatile terpenes evaporate before they can be inhaled, but the largest vapor clouds

And, as to be expected, these heat temperatures often correspond to how they’ll feel on your throat when you inhale. Medium and high heat dabs can cause some irritation, so be sure to take tiny inhalations as opposed to one large!

With dab devices like e-rigs and dab pens, finding your preferred temperature is easy and breezy. Many devices, like the ever-popular Puffco Plus and Puffco Peak, are push-button activated, and in addition to activated, push-button temperature-controlled. Tapping the button a 2-3 times (depending on device) allows you to toggle between low, medium, and hot options – we recommend starting trying each (starting with low) to find your go-to temp. More advanced devices like the Puffco Peak Pro get as granular as exact degrees in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

If you opt for a traditional setup, finding this range requires a bit of timing and finesse. Perfect your heating and cooling techniques to dial in optimal flavor or vapor—a good rule of thumb is to heat your banger until it’s red-hot, then wait until it cools to the point that you can hold your hand 6 inches away from it without discomfort. Play with all the variables, from your torch’s flame setting to the speed at which you inhale, until you have a great technique that is second nature to you.

No matter your device method or heat preference, just remember to start low and go slow, as concentrates are highly potent – this is one endeavor where too much practice in one session can cause discomfort!    

If You’re in a Recreational State, Host a Concentrate Tasting Party

If you want a more social spin on 710 Day that doesn’t require going out on the town (remember, most public places aren’t cannabis-friendly, nor can you consume in public in most states), consider grabbing a few concentrate options and hosting your own tasting party. Cut costs by encouraging guests to "BYOC" (bring your own concentrates) to add to the smorgasbord. Just remember to consume responsibly!    

Zen Leaf Dispensaries: Your Trusted Partner for 710 Day Fun

Embrace the world of oils and concentrates and ignite the potential of 710 Day with concentrates and oil extracts from Zen Leaf dispensaries. Visit your nearest Zen Leaf Dispensary before (or on) July 10 to oil up and access all-new levels of cannabis celebration. Zen Leaf has everything you need to make this 710 Day truly unforgettable, including the best cannabis products and the friendliest Cannabis Advisors to help you find them!

Shop Zen Leaf for 710 Day

Digital Content Manager for MÜV Florida and Zen Leaf Dispensaries. A cannabis connoisseur with a passion for explaining the miraculous possibility of the plant, Swan began her journey with cannabis as a recreational user and quickly realized its positive impact on her depression and severe anxiety. She joined the cannabis industry as Receptionist and MedTender and witnessed first-hand the immense potential of the plant for a wide variety of ailments, deepening her passion for alternative medicine. Swan is dedicated to self-education on the plant and sharing its potential with all. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

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