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CannaMoms Gift Guide

By Danyal Swan May 9, 2023
Cannamom | Woman with Dark Curly Hair, Flowers Woven In

Mother is a verb. It's something you do. Not just who you are.

Mother's Day is a special time when we show love and appreciation to all the amazing moms out there, and we're not talking just biological or adopted moms. Last year, we shined a spotlight on mothers of all kinds: mother plants, cultivators, plant moms, fur moms, and, of course, cannamoms.

These incredible individuals devote their time, love, and energy to something outside themselves, and it's important to recognize and celebrate their efforts.

While all of the above is absolutely true, it's also true that Mother's Day seems to creep up more quickly each year. If you agree and your mom is a cannamom, stop scouring the internet for the "best gifts for mom," because we have you covered with our last-minute CannaMoms Gift Guide for the holiday, her birthday, or even as a random show of your appreciation. And if you are a cannamom yourself, think of this as a curated list of products with you in mind. But first...

What is a CannaMom?

Cannamoms, gangja moms, or marijuana mommas are just as they sound: a mom that uses cannabis.

It's well understood that cannabis has a host of soothing properties, including, but not limited to pain relief, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, easing GI issues, preventing seizures, and more. With these perks in mind, it's not hard to see why thousands of Americans have adopted cannabis into their routine (outpacing those that identify as cigarette smokers, according to a recent poll), moms included.

A quick Google search of cannamoms will give you a host of reasons why they've explored the plant:

  • Increased patience with their children
  • Ability to focus more fully on engaging with their children (ability to let go of stresses and be present)
  • Ease aches and pains from carrying and playing with their children, carrying diaper bags, etc.
  • Overall mental health

Regardless of the reason, the anecdotal evidence of cannabis' ability to support mothers is telling. And remember - cannabis use looks different to everyone. To one cannamom, it could be a 5 mg edible to take the edge off. For another, it could be a joint before bed to ease stress, pain, or simply for "me time."

The Cannamoms Gift Guide

In states where cannabis is recreationally legal, gifting cannabis is a breeze; simply purchase, wrap, and watch your giftee enjoy! In medical markets, though, only medical cannabis patients can purchase product, and they can only purchase cannabis for themself (unless they are a caregiver) - so medical cannamoms, treat yo self. And, whether med or rec, always remember to keep cannabis out of reach of children!

Now that we've gotten the compliance details out of the way, here are our go-to products to thank and soothe any cannamom on Mother's Day, and any other day for that matter:

Avexia Lavender Bath Soak

This soak was made with maximum relaxation in mind. Infused with 100 mg THC, the Avexia Lavender Bath Soak combines cannabinoids with Epsom salt, a natural supplement used for muscle relaxation, and soothing, calming lavender extract.

A massive perk to this cannabis product is that there are no psychoactive effects produced. Because THC is fat-soluble, it has no way of penetrating your bloodstream - there's too much skin in the way. Instead, your skin benefits from the cannabinoids, providing localized pain relief that, when paired with Epsom salt, has no comparison. Trust us - you're going to want to snag two, one for you and one for mom!

Here's what others have to say about this topical:

This stuff is the best. Pain just melts away like butter the second you hit the water. And use it as a foot soak or even a hand soak.

n****d, February 7, 2023

I suffer from endometriosis and severe pelvic pain. Half a jar of this in the bath took all my pain away. I was pain free for about 7 hours after. Don’t sleep on this!! It’s truly incredible. I did take a bath with the full jar and I needed help out of the bath because my muscles were so relaxed.

p****3, April 29, 2022

This was one of the most relaxing baths I have ever taken! The lavender scent was so calming and the oils and salts made my skin very smooth. I would buy again for sure!

j****b, December 19, 2022

Used about a fourth with some regular epsom salt. I felt so chill and any pain was going away. I did not want to get out and I liked it so much that I threw some more in and got in a second time lol.

r****3, July 17, 2022

Available in Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, and Ohio. Shop now.

Bits Açai Affection Edibles

Is affection your cannamom's love language? Snag some Bits Açai Affection gummies. These microdosing edibles provide a delightful flavor and small, soothing dose of 5 mg THC per piece, making them a great option for even the most green of cannamoms. Rose extract and rose hip enhance the experience, elevating everyday sensations to new heights. But don't take it from us:

The taste is good and it made me relaxed and pain free

p****r, May 3, 2023

My new favorite gummies! Taste was nice no after taste like other brands

s****0, April 11, 2023

Love these. Especially that they're 5mg each. These are my go-to daily edible.

a****0, February 16, 2023

Used this particular product to get relaxed and sleep better and it did!!

b****6, February 5, 2023

Available in Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Ohio. Shop now.


See what we did there? Flowers don't have to be roses - in fact, we'd wager some cannamoms prefer they not be!

Rocky Road is a favorite cultivar for many; with its rich spectrum of colors and decadently sweet vanilla notes, it's not hard to see why! This delicious cross of Birthday Cake and Root Beer Float provides a rush of uplifting effects that fade gently to a comfortable, soothing sense of relaxation. Here's what others have to say about the strain:

Very good INDICA. Good head, great body. Good taste and smell. Starts at the top, and goes all the way down. Great for pain, and relaxing.

a****6, April 1, 2023

Very nice flower. Good indica. Calm and Relaxing for an hour or so... Then time for sleep. Not a heavy couch potato, just good relaxed feeling and a good nights sleep. Looks, taste and smell are awesome too!

j****4, February 23, 2023

I suffer from chronic migraines and chronic pain from a shoulder injury. I got relief for both from Rocky Road. I prefer Indicas and this one is top-notch! It can calm you down and leave you with a creative mind. Couch-lock? Only if you let it... Enjoy!!

m****1, January 7, 2023

Everything I've got from verano lately has been fire and this is no different. It literately smells like rocky road ice cream like spot on. Really scrumptious. That smell carries over to the taste. Very smooth smoke with a slight coco sweetness on the exhale. The looks and nug quality are all top tier. The eighth I received was three big solid nugs...As for the effects not very sedating and no couch lock. Very hybrid like. Nice blissful feeling with just a overall pleasant experience. No anxiety. No worries. Just feeling good. Everything about it is great. I keep trying to find something to complain about but cant. Would recommend highly.

m****5, December 27, 2022

Really good solid nugs Great feeling Good for kicking back and relaxing

h****9, December 1, 2022

Available in Arizona, Florida (at our sister MÜV Dispensaries), Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, and West Virginia. Shop now.

Cannabis Accessories

No, we aren't talking pot print earrings or handbags. Cannabis has its own suite of accessories tailored to specific products or even interests! Here are a few we have our eyes on:

  • Rose wraps or cones. These unique papers and wraps are either made from rose petals themselves, or papers that have been infused with rose extract. The papers emit a soft, floral scent when burning along with your flower.
  • A centerpiece-worthy piece. Obviously, this would need to be kept out of reach of children, but smoking apparatuses can make for a standout piece of decor. We love the wave of crystal pipes in Etsy for the crystal cannamoms out there!
  • An intricate dab tool. For the macrodosing cannamoms, why not zhush up their dab setup? Dab tools come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, and more often than not, a decorative handle. Why not seek out one with her favorite animal, birthstone, or even her favorite flower encased in resin?

Happy Mother's Day to All the Moms!

Zen Leaf Chicago West Loop Cannabis Advisors

"Mom" is synonymous with care, patience (most of the time!) and understanding, and above all else, love. From our family to yours, to the cannamoms, the fur moms, plant cultivators, and mamas everywhere, happy Mother's Day! Whether you celebrate with brunch, a spa day, or a special cannabis piece just for you, we hope it brings you joy and relaxation.

Digital Content Manager for MÜV Florida and Zen Leaf Dispensaries. A cannabis connoisseur with a passion for explaining the miraculous possibility of the plant, Swan began her journey with cannabis as a recreational user and quickly realized its positive impact on her depression and severe anxiety. She joined the cannabis industry as Receptionist and MedTender and witnessed first-hand the immense potential of the plant for a wide variety of ailments, deepening her passion for alternative medicine. Swan is dedicated to self-education on the plant and sharing its potential with all. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

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