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What To Expect On Your First Dispensary Visit - Medical

So you’ve waited all of this time to receive your medical cannabis card and it finally came, now what?

After you’ve registered at your local Zen Leaf dispensary, it’s time to call and schedule your first-time consultation!

If you didn’t think to call ahead don’t worry, most dispensary locations can welcome new patients on a walk-in basis. But before you head in there with a pocket full of money like an eager kid in a candy store, there are a few things you might want to know:

  1. First, have your ID’s ready. Once you enter the front vestibule you will be greeted by a smiling receptionist who will kindly ask for two forms of ID: your medical cannabis card and driver’s license or state ID. However, if you find yourself in a recreational state, just your DL or state ID will do.
  2. Bring cash. Although some dispensaries have the ability to offer cashless ATM systems, most locations remain cash only. Our Zen Leaf dispensaries each have an ATM onsite, but if you’d like to avoid fees then just bring cash. Doing this will help your purchase go as smoothly as possible.
  3. Expect to spend time on this visit. It’s your first time in the dispensary, so you will spend a few minutes filling out intake paperwork and getting acquainted with your surroundings. Keep in mind that the industry is always growing and new patients are coming in every day, so you may find yourself having to wait a little bit extra for a consultation (this is where calling ahead comes in handy). If you’re not a complete cannabis novice, you can decline the first-time consult to save yourself some time, just let your dispensary’s staff know.
  4. Information overload. Our well-trained, patient care specialists are here to teach and guide you through your cannabis journey. Your first visit will be mainly focused on medical cannabis 101 and building that base knowledge, which means a lot of new information, so bring a notepad and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  5. Stay Legal. Every state has unique medical and adult use cannabis laws. If you have any questions about purchase limits, transportation, storage, or anything related to your local laws, please ask during your visit.
  6. Rate your experience. After your first visit reflect on the customer service, the quality of the product, and overall atmosphere. If you find yourself so inclined, please leave us a review on your local Zen Leaf’s Facebook page, Leafly, or Weedmaps. Doing this helps our team improve their service, allows you to give credit where it’s deserved, and provides future patients a sense of what to expect on a first visit of their own!

You can find more information about cannabis on the blog and Cannabis 101 sections of our website.

Posted on: March 19, 2019 | By: Zen Leaf Staff
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