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Edible Dosing Guide

If you’re new to cannabis infused edibles, Zen Leaf is here to give you a few important things to remember. (If you are new to cannabis, try starting with our Introduction section of Cannabis 101.)

Ingestion Versus Inhalation Tolerance

It is important to understand that ingesting cannabis will have a different effect than inhaling cannabis because of how it metabolizes in the body. Because of this, the onset and duration of ingestion is notably longer and stronger than inhalation. You can expect to feel the effects of your edible after about two hours and the effects will last approximately 4-8 hours.

Start Low and Go Slow

The first time you ingest cannabis, it should begin with a low-dose until you are aware of how it will affect you. Besides the onset and duration difference between ingestion and inhalation, the way infused edibles can affect the user depends on their metabolism, body weight, experience, and tolerance. We recommend that new users start out at 2.5mg-10mg, but check with your dispensary staff if you aren’t sure of your dosing.

Be Patient

Every person is different so some may feel the effects in a half hour, while others can take up to two hours. Trust the dosage your Patient Care Specialist recommended and wait a full two hours before you consider ingesting more edibles.


This method is done by taking low dose edibles (approximately 2.5mg) allows for the user to receive the benefit from cannabinoids with very little to no euphoric effects from psychoactive components.

Consistency and Regular Doses

Zen Leaf encourages our patients to be consistent with their dosing so we can work together to find a regimen that best suits you. It is important that you understand the medicine you are taking, so always ask your PCS any questions you may have!

*You can find more information about cannabis on the blog and Cannabis 101 sections of our website.

Posted on: March 5, 2019 | By: Zen Leaf Staff
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